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Which is better? Coke? Or Pepsi? Answered

What do you think is better? Coke or Pepsi? I prefer coke.


There's a difference?

not really. personally, ive cut back on soft drinks with caramel (coke, pepsi, etc). i still drink sprite. its better than 7 up.

Sprite is definitely sweeter the 7 Up. I liked 7 Up when I was ill. *shrug*

7-up is sweeter than sprite it just has more carbonation.

Well, I haven't had much soda (except some Fresca) for a long time. Back in the day when they put "ginger" in ginger-ale, it seemed much less sweet.

sprit has a better lemon-lime taste to it. thats why i like it

have you tried the 7-up natural ? I think it tastes a lot better.

All to do with taste :-) I mean by that, the "taste" or preference of the person: I like the dryer taste of 7-up only because I didn't get raised on all the "sweets" so much and never got to really like things too sweet. So, I am not saying one it better then the other, for anyone except myself :-)

Yes, COke has a smoother, sickly sweet taste. Pepsi has tang to it. Generally speaking, sodas produced by Pepsi are more flavorful (in my opinion).


10 years ago

I like to dose my caffeine intake, so I usually go with diet pepsi (lowest caffeine), upgrading to diet coke or regular coke when I really need it. I have no particular preference between the coke and pepsi, taste-wise, although I do prefer diet vs regular - I'm so used to diet that the full-sugar version just tastes way too carameley... As for why I went diet in the first place - it's a matter of priorities. I'd rather get my sugar in the form of a good quality piece of chocolate...

Diet Coke/Pepsi/any other diet soda drink usually contains aspartame and aspartame might actually lead to cancer.....In RATS. I dosent cause cancer in people aged 50-60 (thats what age group the NCI (nation cancer institute) tested) So it probably dose not lead to cancer in young people but maybe if you were exposed to it longer the risk would be higher ? But aspartame is defiantly not good for you. Just saying I mean I have my fair share of Jolts,rockstars ,redbulls, monsters...... The stuff they put in there probably isn't good but Im cutting back !

ROCKSTAR !.... I like coke better then Pepsi but I like rockstar, iced tea, powerade and the lime flavored Gatorade rain..... KOOL- AID

rockstar? i prefer full throttle. have you tried it?

ohh yeah theres a little store buy my house (THE LUCKY DOLLAR) and they have full throttle,rockstar,gatorade,powerade,monster,...... I actually like JOLT (ever tried that(it makes you shake rank if you drink it all in 2 minutes)) best I think full throttle and rockstar about the same..... If I do have full throttle its usually the red kind !..... I went camping and I drank 3 jolts in 20 minutes THATS INSANE....evrybody looks at you funny.....

My brother ( 10yrs) drank either a Rockstar or Monster, but his left hand wouldn't stop moving. I told him to run around the backyard for a while and that seemed to make it stop.

If I had to drink one of them...Coke.

Hmm, depends on what I am using them for. If I want to wash off the leakage around my automobile battery terminals, I prefer Coke. If I want to attract lots of bees, I prefer Pepsi. If I want to drink something, I prefer Water, coffee, or tea, in that order.

Mountian Dew really attracts bees.

Yes it does; high in sugar AND caffeine *shiver*

RC and a moonpie. If I have to choose between Coke and Pepsi, I'll go with coke. But if I have the choice between all sodas, I like 7-up or Sierra Mist. I had some family members come up from the south about 2 years back, and they brought the best soda on earth, Peach Nehi. But Nehi isn't availible where I live...

I prefer Coke because Pepsi has a weird/nasty taste

Freeway. (that's a cheap cola brand ... )

. I prefer Coke, but I don't get too upset if Pepsi is served. I've cut way back on my cola drinking and switched to fruit juices.