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Which is better The Chaos Ball Machine, or the Hydra Completed? Answered


Just because Chaos is the biggest, doesn't mean it is the best. I would like the Hydra a lot more if it didn't use boosts in the middle of the track. So my answer is neither, but I do like xXxXx the best by Darth Trainman; it looks more organized and well put together for a ball machine if you used xXxXx instead in your question.

I like both, but, I like the CHAOS because I think it is a little more complex than the Hydra.

Yea true. It has a lot of diversity that keeps it complex.

I like the Chaos *more* because it is a little more complex.



9 years ago

chaos is best

I think the actual name is "hydra", and that the burrito master "completed" it. It like the Chaos the most, it has more different parts which makes it cooler.

That is really a subjective opinion. My opinion is the hydra because it looks well thought out.