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Which license would you recommend? Answered

I have a new patented item that I would like to publish here. I need to know which license would protect my interests though and since I am new here, I would like to ask you seasoned vets. This is a color coded tool labeling system that will label your wrenches, sockets, drivers and extensions both standard and metric for quicker more precise size identification in all situations. Which license would you recommend?


In any case make sure there is no prior art for someone to challenge your work.

Its a great idea. From my point of view, its a great shame you didn't use the standard resistor colour code for your numbering convention.

If you publish your work here, you must be aware that people *will* copy it (that's the point of the site!).

The licence you choose depends on what you want or need to protect, preventbor allow.

This is a step-by-step form to help you choose your license:


Well since you already published them here your patent protects it. But like any patent or arbitrary license you use in an instructable the protection is only as good as your legal team makes it. Anyone can steel the idea. It's a matter of whether you have the finances to track down those that do and take them to court to resolve the issue.

What is it you want to protect? Read through the options. They do a good job of spelling out what the license allows users to do and not do. Pick the one that best fits your goals for sharing this idea. If none do the trick then don't publish an instructable with it.