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Which pollutes more: a diesel, or a gas burning motor? Diesel vs. Gasoline Answered


idk. I do know that I can generally breathe even when in a lower level garage. get me near a diesel and I get an asthma attack. I'm no expert on the variation between gasoline and diesel engine emissions, but I do know how my body reacts when in close proximity to their exhaust.

see above reply, please! I am sorry to hear about your allergies. My wife and brother both suffer from it; you have my empathy! Kindly Regards, Robert T.

A diesel engine and a gas engine , both in proper state of tune and running clean fuel , the diesel is cleaner ! However , the diesel engine if not maintained and just used till it breaks has the potential to be far more polluting than the equivelant gasoline engine !


Thank you all very much! I wanted your honest ideas or opinions and you were all very forthcoming and candid! I am grateful. Kindly Regards, Robert


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What do you call "pollution"?
~Hydrocarbons, soot, carbon-oxides, nitrogen-oxides, sulphur...?


Lemonie , ALL of those are pollutants , but a diesel in good tune and running clean fuel has less of them than an equivalent gasoline engine ! That same diesel NOT in best running order is far worse than a gas engine in the same state of tune !

Calcutta in India has far more diesel engined vehicles than gas because diesel fuel is so much cheaper and because they routinely "recycle" cooking oil thru them as fuel , but they do not properly filter this and wont spend money on upkeep and as a result , on some days the soot from all those engines blocks out the sun !!