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Which salt is the best electrolyte for a cell? Answered


None, salt in a cell will produce chloride gas which is deadly, ie it will kill you.

This is not an area for slap dash concoctions tossed into a glass jar, do the research needed to be safe. It will involve lots of reading, patience and caution, if you are lacking in any of those attributes rather go back to watching the TV its a lot safer

..unless he WANTS to make free chlorine. There's a great science fiction story called "The Survival Game" by Colin Kapp, where the protagonist finds himself stranded with three others, and uses his knowledge of electro-chemistry to provide for them all - Kapp was an electrochemist and really knew his stuff. He synthesises sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorate, oxygen & hydrogen and saves the day.

It depends, what are you trying to do?

Umm. What kind of Cell are you trying to make? A Daniel cell perhaps? Cause wether you even need Salt of any kind depends on what you are making. Also do you have a instruction from somewhere or are you just messing around?

Remember chemistry can be dangerous and in some cases like PeterCD bluntly puts it lethal byproducts can be formed. Remember to always check that you are using the proper material and perform experiments in a well ventilated room.