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Which sniper should i build?? Answered

I wanna build a easy sniper. Like a intervation. Not like a GOL or something



Best Answer 8 years ago

try: m21ebr, barrett 50cal, or something like that....

Thanks! Ima building the M21Ebr!

no problem! thanks for best anwser, hope you get good progress on it!

Is it a MW2 gun? Because i don`t play it :)

Halo sniper rifle.

already been done. like what you said to michelmoermans

But it's only been done twice, and neither were actually accurate replicas of the real gun.

*AHEM AHEM AHEM* Sorry, I may have something stuck in my throat.

Try a WA2000. Its a bulpup sniper rifle made in Germany by Walther, and is a well known and impressive rifle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walther_WA_2000

A barett m107 sniper rifle.

I would like to see someone attempt a 50 cal sniper :D


I mean which sniper chould I build. Not someone else