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Which wiring option is better, left or right? Answered

I am constructing the 60 watt panels listed on the site, I want to know what is the best method for joining the top set of cells with the bottom. See drawing if I upload right. Thank you.



Best Answer 9 years ago

depends, do you need volts or amps?

I am attempting to lower my home energy bills, so I guess amps. I am also not sure how to connect the 3 panels together for best results.

Doesn't really work that way : ( The DC power from the solar cells isn't the same as the AC of your home.

Each solar cell is like a battery, if you stack them parallel (side to side, IIIIIII) and connect all the tops and all the bottoms, then you have the voltage of one cell but the amps add together (7v, 1a). If you stack them in series (end to end, ---------, like a flashlight) and take power from the two ends, the voltage adds but the amps stay the same as one cell (1v, 7a).

. Excellent explanation, but I think you reversed the parenthetical examples. . The text "pics" of the battery arrangements works much better than I would have imagined if someone had just verbally described it to me.

You're right, I did : P Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to edit other than delete and re-write.

Thanks for the info, I think I understand now. My inverter should arrive soon so these will be operational in a few days.

This will help.


There's a link in there to the blog I did on building panels as well.
Think 12 volt appliances.
Don't run your little bit of electricity into an inverter to run 110/240 volt stuff.....simply not efficient.
Run 12 volt lights etc.
All the best.

Thanks for the post, very impressive set up. I do not have any dc appliances at the moment and am not budgeted to convert them. My goal is to offset some compact flourecent bulbs and some vampiric devices during the day.