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Whippy Light: For Greens Who Like to Blind Themselves Answered

This clever light fixture takes the shape of the CFL and manages to incorporate it very well. Of course, the problem is that this only looks good when it's not lit. Turning ti on to, say, light the room will quickly turn this from a conversation piece into a bright nuisance.

Nice idea, tho.




10 years ago

oh man pure ...


I keep reading the title "Whippy Light,: For Greens Who Like to Bind Themselves", which takes it out of context something rotten.

I really like that. I would love to have one of those in my room.

I would too. but I dont think it will look good with an old farmhouse from 1000 B.C. (extreme sarcasm there) Actually my house has nice shag carpet from the 50s, I find that good

I think it needs a shade incorporated into a pull cord- you pull the shade down to turn the light on and put a shade in place, then you release the shade, the light turns off and it looks like an ice cream again. I still don't see why people fuss so much about the aesthetics of CFLs- I don't spend long looking directly at lightbulbs so would be more concerned about, say, the colour of the walls and floor or the major furniture in a room than whether the lightbulbs look like white glassy dog poo.