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White / Orange text? Answered

What is the significance of the orange text when uploading a sketch? I'm hoping you will say that white is the result of PC operations (eg compilation) and orange is text sent by the 8266 to the PC.

If that is not the case, how can I tell whether there has been any communication from PC to/from 8266?

<y text ends with the orange line


The five lines following that are absent.

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)2017-06-18

You can tell that there's been communication by actually reading the text. When it says it's uploading and gives you percentage updates, that is a good sign that it's communicating with your board (also the LED on the board will flash during programming). I think you're right about the white text being the compilation result, then it goes into orange when talking to the board. But error messages also appear in a different color text, so that's why you have to actually read it.

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cattwood (author)2017-06-17

I think the white text relates to compiling the sketch/code where as the orange text relates to uploading to your Espruino board.

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cattwood (author)cattwood2017-06-17

just to add you if it's saying 100% then it is definitely communicating with the board

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