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White and yellow corn?? Answered

  I was at a party and the chips changed.  After much research, I found that the chips had changed from yellow to white corn chips.  The yellow was much better but I never knew there was a difference in a chip.  I do understand mans 10,000 year cultivation of corn BUT what is the difference  between white and yellow corn?       Thanks

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BurfBest Answer (author)2010-10-02

White corn generally has a higher sugar content than yellow corn but the crossbreeding and hybridization process has somewhat reduced the nutritional value in the process. That's not too big a deal for most cultures because table corn is rarely a dietary mainstay.
For most, its just a matter of taste, some prefer the white corn, others the yellow.
My personal preference is the darker yellow/orange corn.

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Ninzerbean (author)2010-10-02

White is sweeter, tastes better - to me.

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onrust (author)2010-10-03