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Who Decides If An Answer Will Be Published? Answered

Having explained as clearly as I could about a technical problem that I have, and waiting in eager anticipation for a possible solution;- it wasn't published!

I am much vexed. I dotted and crossed so?..; what's the problem?

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Z.. (author)2009-11-01

Thanks for this. I admit a lot of it is going over my head, but I had to do something that as a novice I could cope with. Because..; the day after I posted this, accessing My Pics became virtually impossible!

It was suddenly taking about 6 minutes for them to download. My comp. is 'frozen' during this period. I don't know the reason, and have not the expertize to technically sort it out.

I decided to use Search -> Pictures/Images/Photo. The whole box and dice was up in seconds inclusive of Webshots. I can 'set pic as desktop background' with no fuss at all.

I can't explain this technically seandogue, but I then set about deleting what Webshot data that I could-losing their pics at one point-so backing up a step- I no longer have their Webshots Desktop- which the tech' sites say is the thing that causes the automatic override of other source images I want  to put up as desktop wallpaper.

It's not ideal, because I've given up on 'cause', and just concentrated on 'effect' ! But  at least I've found a solution that works for this novice!

Thanks again for your advice.

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Z.. (author)2009-10-27

I clicked on your link. Hells fire! there are a lot of peoples there!

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Z.. (author)2009-10-27

Thank-you folks! (I was somewhat delayed because I had a fight with a large terracotta pot. It won. I have a broken ankle!)

seandogue, I gave your original answer Best Answer because this response (that I wanted to give BA to) did not have a Best Answer..er, window on it?

I haven't found a solution to Webshots dominance (I will try to get your advice to soak into my non-receptive brain. I have been privileged enough in my two careers to have nice folk to do the 'paperwork'. I am very much a novice at the 'inner workings').

BUT: I noticed that when I send an email, and want to insert an image, My Pictures come up in a flash! I can then browse, and put the selected pic as my Desktop image.

At least I can kick W's off fairly swiftly if I do not choose to show their image. 

Cancelling Webshots m'ship is easy...removing them from my system? Not easy at all.

I shall keep plugging away at any advice I can get through google. I loathe their tech' bullying.

PS: all my images are different sizes...; is that what you meant?

I'll contact admin,  though this suggests though that no-one selects questions to be shown;-it is done automatically??

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Z.. (author)2009-10-26

Thanks for the responses.

I put up a question about my images/pictures, putting up a title, and then going into fairly lengthy detail about the problem/s. Lengthy, because I figured you'd need the detail to give possible solution/s.

That was 4 (5?), days ago, and nada. Given that this has been a technical thorn in my side for several months, I really did wait in eager anticipation.

I decided then to ask this question. I mean,- did someone decide it should not be put up. Who decides? On what criteria?

Here 'tis:

I use my desktop as a 'picture gallery', changing the image daily. I have two sources for that: a) My Pictures (MP) - b) Webshots (W).

W dominates. It constantly overrides the desktop image from the desktop when it comes from MP, replacing it with the last W image that was there. 'tis damned annoying! I have around 800 images in both W and MP. I would like to keep them.

1) Is there ANY way I can hold onto my W images, but sever ties with W? Clearly their system is causing the override. Any way to do this.

My Pictures: these used to -  (download??----on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have a level 6/7 computer skill) - 'show up' (!) within 2 or 3 seconds.
They got slower and slower. I know it is not their volume, because some time back they suddenly reverted to showing very fast again ( I think the comp had a little hiccup at the time. I'm not sure). Then back to slow (about 1m 30 s to download). I had an unknown and quickly resolved 'glitch' on my computer about 10 days ago. They came right back to speed. It was great!!

Then I defragged. Back to slow.

2) ANY theories about this?

General info: Windows XP/Avast/Spyware Blaster.

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Molten Boron (author)Z..2009-10-27

Windows saves the current desktop image in a temporary folder somewhere! SPIES!!!

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Re-design (author)Z..2009-10-26

REpost is under the correct title and see if it makes its way thru th system this time.  A few weeks back there was a hickup in the system and about 2 dozen questions didn't get posted until several days passed. 

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Molten Boron (author)2009-10-27

I've noticed it takes around a half hour for questions to appear to the general public. But sometimes one will slip through the cracks for some weird reason. I think it is more likely if you've asked a question already that day.

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orksecurity (author)2009-10-25

Answers appear if someone posts an answer. If nobody happens to have the answer you're looking for...

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kelseymh (author)orksecurity2009-10-26

Not true.  Usually the first five or six Questions on the "recent" page have zero answers, because they have just been posted.

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Re-design (author)2009-10-25

Is this about you pictures question?

I can't even find where that question was even published.

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