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Who actually likes the Altoids Mints? Answered

Who actually likes the Altoids Mints? I just get them for the tins...


I like them, why, don't you? As for the containers, they are rather handy. There are lots of I'bles based on them (mini BBQ grill, hehehe). I see you've made one.

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weird... Never seen one in stores... must be a typical American thing...

actually, i'm in the U.S. and the only place I've seen an Altoids tin is online.

umm whats that supposed to mean!? americans are awesome thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

they dont have them in canada i dont think

I have never seen them, I was in the Kootenays for six years, now I am on the coast (near CR) and have still never seen them, other than on here ;)

never see them in stores, but when i do, i just gobble up the mints! Then i do something with the tin (like freshen my room :)

I love the cinnamon ones, the chocolate cinnamon ones are ok also. I usually stay away from the peppermint ones.

You are all Altoid Mints, except you Goodhart, you are a FF

I like Althoids, but they don't go fast enough for me to get tins for use here. They are sometimes hard to find....but then, so are Fisherman's Friend :-)

There hard to find? Every store I walk into they have theem (food store duh)

Mostly only the drug stores around here carry them, and then nearly always the spearmint ones, and not the peppermint ones :-)

I like the strength of the peppermint as opposed to the spearmint ones.

Eew. I don't like the peppermint ones. The mint takes over the flavor, and they are bitter

Hmm, yours must get tainted somehow :-)

there not that strong

I like them, but I once ate a full kilogram of mint cake in one go, I have been known to ingest altoids at these rates... I also like the 'curiously strong mints' we get here, like altoids but stronger.

altoids ints arent accutally that storng even though they say they are

No altoids say something like the celebrated mints curiously strong in taste... These mints are simply called curiously strong mints...

Aye they're strange ones, not found in much places but they're maybe twice as strong as altoids...

I like the mints, but I never make anything with the tins, and I don't know anyone near me who could use them.


8 years ago

Altoids tins and candies are both awesome.

i like the chocolate cinnamon ones

I only like the wintergreen altoids sm.alls I don't like the big ones at all

they are good, like every now and then. Not like tic tacs mmm

I like Altoids! well the I buy the chocolate covered Cinnamon ones for a different reason I offer my friend a chocolate and the look on their face when they realize its not just chocolate I mean they don't taste that bad, but its a surprise

I like the wint-o-green lifesavers and wintergreen ice breakers.

how the heck can u not luv 'em? they are all good!

I like Fisherman's Friend.....Altoids are mild *chuckle*


9 years ago

Haven't had a altoid in awhile have to go get more soon.

I like the ginger kind. This is sad b/c I haven't seen them in stores for months...

the ginger ones are the bomb :) they got me hooked on dehydrated ginger, now that clears your sinuses !

a quarter teaspoon of raw horseradish can do that too (clear your sinuses) ;-)