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Who can do this? Answered

Try flicking your cheek while making an "oi" motion with you mouth. If you hit your cheek at just the right time you get a cool raindrop sound. Try aming for a tiny bit away from the corner of your lip for the best sound.


I think goodhart gets it....... what you are doing when you make the "oi" motion with your mouth is varying the size and shape of your mouth. the inside of your mouth is hollow and it amplifies the sound the "flicking" of your cheek makes. if you move your mouth in the right way and timing you can shape that sound to resemble that of a "water drop" but you can also vary the sound in many many different ways.... if you can figure out the different shape and size of different notes you could actually play a tune

The trick is to learn to do it from both sides....then you can play faster tunes like Popcorn LOL Ah, the things we discovered because we had no computers or video games LOL

hmmm.... well I've never heard of any other tone while doing it

i can do this its funny lol

Vary the opening of your mouth. Wider and smaller, making the "0" bigger or smaller.....you will hear a difference in tone, although it is not very loud :-)

I don't think we're talking about the same thing, do you know how to host wav files so that I could just record it and post it?

No, sorry I don't. I am speaking of making an O with the mouth, and snapping the cheek which produces a fleshy boink sound. Changing the shape of one's mouth, both the opening and how far open or closed the jaw it, varies the tone and the pitch. Maybe we aren't talking about the exact same thing, but I was just mentioning that this works too, much like what you describe.

If you practice enough, you can play a "tune" :-) The musical piece Popcorn would be appropriate

you can't really play a tune, it's always the same noise. Me and my friends always do this in class.