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Who do you think has the best knex gun?? Answered

The title says all. I want to here from you guys on who you think is No. 1 on the long list of knex guns



if your looking for something dangerous;
my knex knife launcher should do the trick

Indeed he is. Very bad things could happen if the gun misfired, broke, or jammed.

I wouldn't attempt something like that anyhoo

The Z35, because;
1. It has the most features of any knex gun.
2. Almost every feature is removable/optional.
3. It is structural strong, comfortable, fires well, and all of its features function well.
4. Every element of its design is as simple as possible.
5. It is as compact as possible.
6. It looks good.

And most importantly of all, people love it!

it depends if you want power a pistol isn't much good. rapid fire with i am canadians cannons not likely! distance and accuracy using a machine gun is bad. for something small ever tried putting the srv-1 in you pocket? you see it really depends but for me it would be this pistol I made


it would depend on what you mean by best gun. do you mean looks, range, accuracy, or originallity? if you are looking for distance, my pistol gets a pretty good range, not to brag or anything. if accuracy, then try a sniper, if you want looks, go for the l96 because it just looks cool. my choice for who has the best gun would have to be ironman69 or i_am_canadian.

Railbow Rifle v-1.7

This question is based entirely on opinion, so there is no real answer which gun is the best. What I can tell you is that the mechanism behind the gun is usually what you're looking for, because some mechanisms are better than others.

really, no one can answer this how you want us too. you will get too many responses to count mainly because this is an opinion. i guess you could check out all of the guns posted here over time. and i say OVER TIME because so far i am the only one who has posted a response. probably why no one has posted a response is because they know the same stuff i do but i actually tell you. please pick this as a best answer. chopstx