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Who has a Mindstorm?! Answered

Who has a Mindstorm (NXT)


Ooooo....Oooo.. ME!!! I have a NXT.

Does it do everything it says it does?

If you program it to drive a specific time and angle or... use your phone to drive it.... lol

Schweet...Is the programming process complicated? I sound like a mungo asking these questions.

Not really... Try it yourself, download the program for it and try it

i do!! do u need any help with it???

why just because have u heard of FLL i was there if u need any info


9 years ago

We've got two that have never had much done with them (one older, one NXT, I think.) Have you got any "easy" first projects to get people into the groove more easily? (got some cyber-knex too..)

How about you make a rc NXT?

I have on, although I don't use it really much. I recommend the extreme nxt book, so you can make it open source. That's what I did I just use the electronics now.

The same with me but i do not have the book