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Who has a stalker? Answered

So who has one or more? I have one semi-stalker, with several cling-ons, one or two "random comment/PMing" people who send me odd messages at times, and 4-5 "admirers" to round out the group. What have you got?


I now point you to this:


I would beleive that falls under the category of hater, not stalker, and I think he has a right to after you posted that picture at least 3 times

haha, sometimes stalkers kill people. that is old, dont bring it up..........

Someone has gotten crafty with Paint... And whomever PMed you on the 4th of September, that is old.

Someone doesnt know how to work with paint............... i know, but that PM is relavant, or revalant, or whatever it is

let me tell you this bizarre thing: a few months ago, kiteman posted a picture of an eye on a screen on my orangeboard, and said he was watching....... shortly afterward, power commented on it, and it was actually pretty funny. if you want to see both comments, look at my orangeboard, under "view all comments". It should be easy to spot, even though I have 550 comments there. also, i would like to add that he was doing this for my own good. he actually kept me from being banned by doing what he did

haha, adrian, you should send them my way, i will sort them out for you. Is one of them bumpus? (hehe) No stalkers, but many many many admirers. Then theres the few weirdos that keep hitting on my gf.

lol, speaking of bumpus, look at this PM. no, it was not done in paint, its for real


was that sarcasm? because i cant do a work like that in paint. not even in GIMP

Thanks! Haha, no bumpuses on the list of stalkers...a few coolzes and gorillazmikos, though.

Geez! Is this the talk about Keith thread?! I said I was sorry! :p

Is that first image really you? Or just googled?

Then you are culturally, deprived, my friend. Get thee hence to the video rental store post-haste.

Wow I haven't seen that in years :-)

Hong Kong Phooey was my favorite as a kid!

I was kind of getting away from cartoons by that year (1974+) :-)

Donk-a-donk (Law and Order sound)

Whatever, Nickelodeon Magazine said it was Donk-adonk. So there! On another note, I only watch SVU, I've never seen Criminal Intent.....

Well, Jim Henson's muppets said it was Chung Chung! So there! NEVER SEEN CI?! You have to, right now!

Oh wait! I've seen it! I know because its different guys than SVU! I've seen it!

Sure, now that you have put your picture on the internet you'll muster a whole pile of new stalkers.. (( Maybe you should really get them going and say your single and looking for a date <> nothing like screwing with them )) . And the sad thing about this is, honestly finding a date is not that hard, sure one might have to leave the computer screen once and while and talk to members of the opposite sex but it's worth it and really it's not that hard to do either, we have only been doing it for the past few thousand years... But stalking it just seems to creep people out...... And is that honestly you so I can add it to the who is the real Adrian Monk thread <> just buggin .....

Smart...and Sneaky... oh your going to get stalkers....

<> I can see it now an ible on how to cook a stalker...

Step one: Wash the stalker. They are sure to be very slimy and greasy, so scrub a dub dub!

No, no, they fry up better greasy......no need to add oil :-)

Hmm, very good point, this saves the environment also by conserving oil...