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Who here runs linux? Answered

Anyone here run linux? If so what kernel? Do you use it a lot? Got any cool apps? I run Ubuntu 7.04 feisty fawn.


I use PCLinuxOS 2007. I don't know what kernel. I use it for everything except gaming (win XP dual-boot). I love it and would have entirely trashed M$ long ago if it weren't for the games (and with Cedega, I may trash M$ yet).

Here is an Ubuntu 7.04 user too. I use it mainly for programming. I'm forced to keep winXP and win2k for games (HL2), for DVDs movies, and to activates my WIFI USB dongle (Ndiswrapper fails to activates it on linux startup. I'm forced to boot to WinXP, and then to reboot to Ubuntu ...)

Things have changed since 2007-08-27.
- Ubuntu 7.10
- Ndiswapper now works with my wifi USB dongle
- I don't play HL2 (till Episode 2 is available alone in my commercial centre and at a nice price)

However, DVDs still crash sometimes ...

I've got rid of Win2K, but I still keep WinXP just in case.

> Who force you?

Her ?


@'However, DVDs still crash sometimes ...' What Linux do you use? @'I've got rid of Win2K, but I still keep WinXP just in case.' I have dualboot too. Also Windows XP and Linux. @'Her' *lol*

> What Linux do you use?

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) with Kernel 2.6.22-14-generic.
GNOME 2.20.1
I play DVD movies with Gxine 0.5.11, and sometimes, in the middle of a movie, it stops playing and display an error message.
This generally happens with copy protected DVDs.


Upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04? For DVD look for libdvdcss, libdvdread and install both.

> Upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04?

I'm generally not very lucky with upgrades .... (don't know why), I generally end-up being forced to reinstall from scratch.

As long as 7.10 works correctly and is stable enough, I will not take any risk ;oP

> For DVD look for libdvdcss, libdvdread and install both.

I have both installed. libdvdcss2, and libdvdread3.
Maybe it comes from my computer (too slow) or my DVD rom (too old) ? =o/
I mainly use it for work (and web) anyway so it does not really matter ...


I sent for their DVD just because I haven't the time to spend on downloading and fooling about with it to create a DVD myself :-) ( the newest version of Ubuntu I mean ). But it takes 4-8 weeks to get it here :-(

I had thought this was asked for also......maybe I am in the wrong forum?


10 years ago

@'Anyone here run linux?' Yes, me. Slackware 12.1. @'If so what kernel?' Linux @'Do you use it a lot?' For now, more than windows. @'Got any cool apps?' Define what is a cool app!

I run Debian Testing, kernel 2.6.21. I use it all the time.

I have Ubuntu 6.06 on a bootable CD but haven't had the time to work with it yet. I am looking to get a "faster then dialup" connection soon, so I can download Wubi and a few other things on my wish list without having the machine "downloading all night only to fail sometime during that 16 hour period".

Just use wget! You can resume at any time if interrupted! Just-- oh right, you can't D:

FreshDownload is resumable, and so is DOWNLOADTHEMALL, but....because of the length of time, sometimes it is hours between the "crash" and the restart, it won't do it for me.....besides, night time is when I run my virus scans, etc. I can't keep putting them off (and I think I am making Earthlink a little peeved at my long term late night downloads) ;-) A download from MS seems "restartable" even the next day, so maybe it is me ? :-)

Wait, Wubi itself is just like 9MB. It downloads a torrent -- torrents are restartable, since they download in parts!

Well, the "package" I was attempting to download, included Wubi, yeah, I could download Wubi, by itself, while in here rather then overnight. I tried to take advantage of the offer from work (T1 line, on fiber optics) to download and save to my own CD, but the last two tries gave me poor results. I got them downloaded, and then tried to move them to the CD and it failed both times. Wasted about 45 minutes of my time and ruined two good cd's too. *sigh*

1)PCLinux Os 2007 Final on my external HD 2)If I'm perfectly honest I dont know and dont care! 3)I'm writing this on it 4)Nothing brilliant (except very cool 3d effects!) just teh ordinary ya know: wine open office a few games from the repos, havent been bothered to look really

Triple boot: Windows XP (because the programmer for PICAXE chips does not run on WINE), Ubuntu 6.06 with emc2 and Ubuntu 7.04 with PCB, gEDA tools, Eagle, KiCAD (maybe better than Eagle with no restrictions) , Ace converter under WINE, gimp, inkscape, Quanta+, MPlayer, OpenOFfice.org, QCAD, sagcad, Nexuiz (first person shooter game), and a few windows games (RTS - Real Time Strategy) with 2D graphical engine wich works on WINE (starcraft, red alert 2, etc.). Also setup for a router driving a small home network with FireHOL firewall . I used RedHat from 4.2 version to 9.0 (mainly for programming), fedora 1, 3, 6. Mandrake 8.0. - 8.2 and Madriva One. For FoxPro for MSDOS programmers, I used RedHat 5.1 with FlagShip, a Clipper v.5 clone (better) on linux console (the best solution on linux for xBase programmers: FoxPro, dBaseIV, Clipper). Nice old days!

I run Ubuntu 7.04 as dual boot along with windows me and windows xp. got ubuntu installed with wubi on a 2nd drive

in a seperate window on my windows computer, kubuntu

Fedora 7 & Ubuntu dual boot.

I would really like to switch, but I am uncertain which distribution to use; Plus I would need to use Macromedia Flash MX 2004 or later (no, not the flash plugin, the authoring programm ;-) ). Any experience with WINE and Flash? I "only" have a 1.8ghz amd duron applebread core with 512 MB Ram.

I run Macromedia Flash 8 Pro in WINE just fine, it works exactly the same, at least from what I've seen.

i am not sure if you run flash ob linux but if you use ubuntu you can dual boot and have windows and linux on your computer

This will work with any operating system, but I hate switching back and forth ;-) The rason why I use windows all of the time, is because flash runs in the background all of the time. I do lots of sketching and graphics with it too, since I am active in some computer forums giving guidance and advice- and that sometimes involves sketches ;-) I do use GIMP and Inkscape too, but they only go so far for me...


10 years ago

Pardus 2007.2, that's only for the main home computer, for me (when I get a computer) triple boot Granular(or other) Linux with windows XP and Vista (keeping vista for a genuine O/S) (;

For me it's Gentoo whateverisnewest.x, but only because that's what my dad insists on using -- if it was up to me it would be a heavily tweaked kubuntu 7.04.x, and (once I find one) some live-CD with an alpha or beta of KDE 4.

I am also using Ubuntu feisty fawn. I show it off to all of my friends when Beryl (3d desktop) is running. They are all amazed by it.

Feisty on my PC and laptop. Need to go back to slackware sometime.


11 years ago

I've got some heavily customized redhat at work on a bunch of system, and debian on a couple home systems that don't get used very often.

Aye Do! Feisty-a-ho! I use feisty full time on my workstation and have two edgy servers in thy carhole. Cool apps be TB2 with enigmail and gnupg, because now-a-days everybody should be signing and encrypting yer emails. Especially those going in and out of the US. PS: Ya, I know, It's not Sept. 19


11 years ago

Im running ubuntu 6.06 on a mac G3