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Who is best? ....Batman or Spiderman? Answered



Batman, for many reasons.
1. While spiderman has actual powers, he dosen't have much in the way of backup. Sure, he has the ability to cling to walls, shoot webs, and super-spider strenght, but what happens if his opponent knows how to handle the webs? If they have a way around the webs, than spiderman is practically helpless. Batman has plenty of gadgets, and let's not forget the fact that he was trained in the martial arts and is practically a ninja.
2. The suit. It's hard to miss a man in a bright red suit flying through the air. It's not practical, he doesn't have the element of surprise. Batman, wearing all black, comes out at night where the darkness is his ally.
3. It seems like Spiderman's girlfriend is always getting into trouble, which means that he's always chasing after her trying to save her. While Batman has the occasional girl, they don't seem to get into as much trouble.

Neither, Green Lantern could beat both

Batman is a pretty cool guy, eh catches criminals and he doesn't afraid of anything.

Well The Answer Is Simple Its Batman !!! Lets Compare
Batman : Cool Gadgets, Bat Suit, Batarang, Grappling Hook, Peak Strength, Batmobile, Batcave & Alot Of Money To Buy More Stuff
Spidey : Shoot Webs, Cling To Walls, Spider Sense, Spider Strength...Thats It

Sorry Folks The Bat Rules Over The Spider :)

thats so easey batman rocks

batman and spiderman are both cool because my brother likes spider man and i like batman. it doesn't matter about the super powers its the hero himself that takes evil away


8 years ago

Although most people would agree that Batman has all the cool gadgets and tons of money... I think they neglect the fact that Spiderman has actual super powers... He has his spider strength, the ability to cling to walls, and lets not forget his spider sense. Sorry Batman fans, Spiderman would have an obvious advantage... Not to say that Batman wouldn't be able to defeat Spiderman in a battle, which is something that has too many variables to get into. But if Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker were to get into a fight... Bruce Wayne would be easily defeated.


8 years ago

Batman! All Spiderman can do is shoot webs. Batman has cool gadgets, a batcave, and is a succesful person. Bruce Wayne is a somebody and Peter Parker is a nobody!!

Spiderman! :D


I'd say BATMAN. Has way more cool tools and gadgets, has lots of money and I bet he gets way more women (while being bruce).

Its funny how neither of them have actual superpowers. In the second "original" Spiderman movie/comic book, he gets bit by a spider, and thats just a bad expierence, and Batman is exposed to alot of bats. Bad experiance... . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . Batman... -PKT