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Who know some cool wallpapers ? Answered

I want some cool wallpapers .If you knew please write the link.


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What's cool for one person may not be cool for another. So the real answer is "Go search the web until you find something you like." But MY answer would be:

There's a program which will automatically download the Astronomy Photo Of The Day as your wallpaper. Or you could look through their archives, or those of NASA, on the web. Lots of great photos of spacecraft and galaxies and things too fierce to mention. That's where I've gotten background images for the past decade or so.


7 years ago

Well i answered one way but try this way: go to www.photobucket.com, search anything that comes to mind, cut and paste to your email, and then send it to your phone. the possibilities are endless!

A "cool" wallpaper will depends on what your interests are. The guy over at Digital Blasphemy always has fun wallpapers.

Google digital blasphemy to see his stuff