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Who knows how to make their own aquarium tanks out of glass? Answered

I've been looking and the nets just to big, I've seen it done before, years and years ago. But I can't remember how people make their own aquarium tanks. I wanted to know if anyone knows if it's possible to bend a glass pane like Tap Plastics Instructables on how to heat and bend plastic.


for a diy tank it depends what size are you thinking? plexi is easier to work with but glass isn't to bad and if you don't have glass cutting tools most hardware stores will cut the glass for you also you might want to consider the thickness of the glass the bigger the tank the more water water = heavy
diy is always the more fun way but building a tank might cost you more than just buying a tank
I wouldn't use caulk I would use 100% silicone the kind that goes in the tube guns.
just things to consider

I know this is old, but you should try looking into Acrylic Glass. It's normally cheaper and lighter then glass anyways. I've heard of people using old storm window panes to make an aquarium, but there is something about the glass that has to be thicker or something as it gets near the bottom. Something to do with the weight of the water. Anyways that is my 2 cents, I hope it still helps.

I've repaired tanks using the aquarium sealant with a caulking gun. To manipulate the silicone, pushing into corners, smoothing off etc, put some washing up liquid & water into a small container & then dip your finger/s in and then touch the caulking, it won't stick and you can get the smoothest hand finish. Keep dipping though! I've sealed seriously cracked tanks like this and no problems (2 rescued from skips - 1 is my hospital tank).

Actually, any time I look at building a tank, I go to a site that has tons of info on aquariums from people who make their living from it. a research group called GARF http://www.garf.org their calculator to help you design your own tank is at http://garf.org/tank/buildtank.asp please have a look at it, I have also seen 500 and 1000 gallon tank plans there.

There is a special type of silicone for aquariums so that you don't kill your fish with polluted water... I would probably work on each corner at a time and then set in the bottom. The corners should probably dry before attempting the bottom edges. The bottom doesn't necessarily need to look perfect but hold a seal and be lined up straight. The bottom will have gravel, pebbles anyway right? Use latex, etc gloves to push the caulk bead you applied into the corners. You may wish to use epoxy to attach plastic "angle iron" on the outside corners to protect all of the corners.

Well for a rectangular fish tank I believe you would just need five panes of glass and a small frame at the top and the bottom. Obviously this would be sealed with caulk. As for bending a sheet of glass, I'm not sure this is easily accomplished. I think having a piece of curved glass made would be much more expensive then buying a curved fish tank. If you want to build a curved tank your best bet is to try to find a pre-curved sheet of glass in a junkyard/dump/etc.

If I were doing it, I would arrange the glass pieces on a frame and use silcone caulk to seal it up. It really depends on what you're thinking of. If I were doing it, I'd use plexiglass instead, because it's easier to work with and cheaper.. There has to be a way to bend glass, but i don't know of the process.