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Who uses Ubuntu Linux and do you love it? Answered

Just wondering if you have ever used it


I dual booted with windows 7, and the second time it booted it failed and crashed (Stupid Grub Loader). Also it has stopped all my programs on windows from working because I installed on a partion of a drive with other partions like Backup Programs etc they all stopped working.

I am currently trying to uninstall it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you ever get this figured out vorlock? I'm currently running this same dual-boot scenario on my HP Mini 110. I started with Windows 7 Starter, upgraded through the Anytime Upgrade to Win 7 Home Premium, then installed Lubuntu Lucid Beta 1, using GParted to carve out some space on the Windows 7 partition after having run Windows Disc Defrag 3 times. I've been running this now for three weeks, updating both systems, without a hitch.

I'd be more than happy to try and assist you.

I did fix it, by booting with the windows 7 dvd and and reseting the bios to default (eg. Windows 7) which removed the grub loader and i then deleted the partion that ubuntu was on. ALL FIXED until windows continued to keep having errors. I reinstalled windows 7. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG

Nice! The same thing happened to me about a year and a half ago. My fault though - On my laptop I installed Linux on a separate HD w/ GRUB as my boot-loader - also on the second drive... which was portable (I didn't intend to install GRUB, this HD was supposed to be standalone, I didn't pay enough attention during the install). So when I pulled the HD and moved it to where it needed to go and booted the laptop, guess what? Yeah sucked.
Windows DVD couldn't do a full repair of the boot-loader, so I was hosed. I ended up just re-installing 7 on my laptop (I'm of the opinion that any windows distro should probably be re-installed yearly anyway...). I keep all my important data on a (Linux!) NAS so the re-install wasn't a big deal.
GRUB is actually pretty cool, but you'd better know what you're doing before you go and edit grub.conf or you'll have another computer that won't boot properly.

ME LOVE UBUNTU LINUX LONG TIME ! :) Since I've made my latest PC build, I installed Ubuntu linux 9.10 and have used it for months now, some 6 months or so. Some times it crashes but thats more my fault, overall its more stable and I hate defragging so for me its quite better. Its a personal choice, I run low-spec hardware and when I want to play a game I use my ps3 game system, so for me Gaming is not a perquisite. Gaming = Windows || Office / Study = Ubuntu || Creativity = Mac Thats my vision on it.

I've now been using Ubuntu continuously as my primary OS for the past two years. It seems to provide me with about everything that I need, including the ability to use my BlackBerry phone as a modem.

During this time, I have loaded Ubuntu, or variations thereof (Xubuntu, Eeebuntu, Mint, CrunchBang, and most recently Lubuntu) on a number of desktops and laptops, usually with far less hassle than my previous OS. I've also built three dual-boot machines, with XP, Vista, and Win 7, and all have co-existed quite nicely. On the XP machin, I actually upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04 without issue on either side.

Ubuntu ROCKS!


8 years ago

i use it and absolutely love it, except for syncing an ipod is tough

I really like it mainly because it's a lot like Winblows - err, I mean windows =P. I have a dual-boot setup with Ubuntu and Winblows XP and Ubuntu runs a lot faster.

Because I can't afford an Apple, so I'm stuck with Windows.

I started using ubuntu 7.10 (now at 8.10) almost 2 years ago and I think its great!

Reasons being:
Easy Package Management & Updater (ubuntu specific) - Want a program? With any luck, just Applications - Add/Remove will fetch you one, and the Software Updates facility will work with everything listed there.
No Viri/Crapware (general) - I know us fanboys harp on about this ;-) but it is excellent to know that YOU are the only one controlling YOUR computer. My current system has been going for 2 strong years, and its still as fast as the day I got it!
Excellent Forums (ubuntu specific) - Got a problem? Someone Else will normally have had the same, and normally found a fix. The forums operate a strict no flaming/trolling policy, and are full of helpful people.
WINE (general) - A piece of software voodoo that allows you to run quite a few pieces of windows-only software on GNU/Linux, without any virtualisation etc being necessary. While it wont work for games or anything that requires access to specialist hardware, it just works quite well for google sketchup etc.

Of course, Ubuntu has its downsides, but as long as you have confidence, and use google (and the forums) well, it should serve you just fine for general web browsing / email writing / word processing.

I've Got Hardy on my UMPC and a couple of other PC's in the house. Love it.  My wife is ok with it; but she's still in love with herclunky windows OS.  I have to use Windows at work and support mywife's laptop at home with it; but I find far fewer issues with Ubuntuthan with windows.  Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?


9 years ago

I love Ubuntu Linux.... to a point. I love the setup, but I hate how none of my programs can be run on it. I'm basically just left with a dual boot between it and XP.

There is an app called Wine that will allow most of your Windowsprograms to run on Ubuntu.  It won't work on my UMPC because ofsome of the [gasp] Proprietary Drivers that the manufacturer won'tupdate; but it works on my laptop and desktop.

PM me a list of the software you need and I'll give you a list of comparable and compatable open source alternatives.

curse you near operating system monopolies!

I've used many distros (Gentoo-based, Debian-based, Suse..etc) I believe that Ubuntu is the best for not only user-friendliness but it can also be as sophisticated as you want it to be..(much like any other open source environment) My 7 yr old uses it with no problems..he like the supertux games..LOL! My fiance is very non-computer savy (Windows user) but can use it just fine...

I forgot to mention from an administrative level it has improved greatly in regards to out of the box commercial hardware support..and if it does not support out of the box the integration process requires minimal drama.


9 years ago


I don't remember making that last comment. but it seems like the way i'd write it.

I've used it, but the fact that I'm 13 and the only person in the family who knows what it is, stops me from putting it on the families desktop. But who cares about my life, Ubuntu is pretty sweet OS.

Same here except it is a laptop and I'm 12.

You could request the live CD for free and run it from the disk. Mine is 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and took 4 weeks to deliver. You need to order a new one every now and then.

I use it and I love it. If you want to create documents, surf the web or program in anything other than .net it pretty much perfectly fits the bill. Where you will run into trouble is with setting up and installing software not contained in the built in add remove software application. This is not Windows and you cannot simply dl an executable and double click on it and expect it to install and work. This and gaming are its only really big issues however and over all its a more stable operating environment with less headaches than Windows (no spyware adware viruses etc.). So if you don't game go ahead and take the plunge I seriously doubt you will regret it.

"This is not Windows and you cannot simply dl an executable and double click on it and expect it to install and work"

it is getting better in fairness, you *can* download deb (like exe's) files and simply double click on them, www.getdeb.net is a good site, but yes it has some way to go. Adobe stuff is all "double click" to install as well now, no longer u have to run terminal to install flash which is great.

I got sick of starting my windows pc up and waiting *2 minutes* for the disk grinding to stop (seriously!) before i could actually do anything. bear in mind my pc is a intel Quad 2.4Ghz with 4gb and a 150Gb Raptor 10K primary disk drive. After Ubuntu it is INSTANT, it is just so responsive it is unreal, I swear XP doesnt use 4 cores properly as my upgrade from dual to quad made no diff as far as xp was concerned.

The BIGGIE for me is that I no longer have to invest 1hr plus of my time each week updating AV/malware software and running scans etc etc. And it is just so stable. I bought a lenovo laptop with vista (which was never even booted) and installed Ubuntu (I was so confident I even eraed the restore partition :D) and last week my Acer Aspire One got teh ubuntu treatment :) Im running 9.04 with ext4 filesystem and it is simply sweeeet !!!! wireless 100% and it even picked my 3g dongle up !

Ubuntu is simply awesome, all I can advise people is to give it a go and see if you like it.


9 years ago

Yes! Ubuntu!


9 years ago

@Ubunoshua - I agree, partially. Any person with IQ number higher than _room temperature_ can use it. @Chicken2209 - You could make unattended install CDs. I didn't try it yet, but I think it should be easy. @Gildoth - You can use Ubuntu computer for gaming. I do it, and most of my games (either native or Wine) work for me. Wine games are old though. @jtmax24 - No "xxxx for dummies" will teach you properly how to use Linux. These books are, as the name says _for dummies_. You would be better suited with Google and Ubuntuforums.org. Much better than the book, always up to date, you can always ask other users about your problem, and what's the best thing about it - it's FREE. Personally, I use Linux since October, never using it before. I may describe myself as average Linux user now. In my learning, I must admit, things that helped me the most was Google and forums, so don't be afraid to use them. Currently, I'm switching over to Debian. I want to try something more basic.

Google Ubuntu! Its pretty much made for small servers.


9 years ago

This isn't something you can get enough information on from here. I suggest trying it and asking around if you run into problems as mostly anything can be solved if you know how but it's not always obvious, EG getting Wine to run certain games. Try burning a live CD and registering on some forums and see what you think of using it for a while.

After over 11 years of using windows I switched to Ubuntu after loosing my digitized college and University notes from a 'drive-by' download of malicious code. I've never looked back, but to be fair I consider Ubuntu to be for those of above average I.Q. I like that I can use python and as,an example, get the results from a bluetooth device scan, and send it to the speech synthesizer program Espeak! It took a lot to make me consider using linux after such a long time as a windows user, and my only regret is not using it sooner.

I've tried xUbuntu (the low-resource flavor of Ubuntu) on some ancient computers in the hopes of reviving them. While it was easy for Windows users to get used to, and much faster than Windows XP would have been, it was still way too slow. I switched to another distribution of Linux that was almost as easy, but much smaller and faster. (I won't clutter up this question by mentioning which distribution. If you're brave enough to handle the consequences, you should ask for "the best distribution for ___" as a separate question.)

Ubuntu is a very reliable software for its minimal instability. I recommend using Kubuntu rather than Ubuntu. Mostly for its better use of RAM. It uses less processes.

new to the ubuntu linux os I've been running now for about two months. So far besides for the gaming ability it runs better than MS win ever did. I did manage to find a ubuntu for dummies books at the half price book store and plan to learn exactly what I'm doing.

hell ya i love it i have it on my laptop along side windows and i almost always use it . the only thing i use windows for is gaming and some IT stuff that requires i use windows. it runs great does every thing i need and for the most part its easier to use than windows. when i installed it it found all the hardware drivers i needed and installed and configured them (to optimal settings). in windows i had to go to the hp website and get them one at a freaking time.

I did a project last year with Ubuntu 7 where I had to load it on a whole buch of computers I particularly didn't like the setup of it Just the way it was modeled felt stupid to me