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Who wants knex Answered

Who wants 27 pounds of knex(more than enough for a tr36 and a ksayer all at once) plus tons of rubberbands make an offer.


80$ i will post i private auction on ebay with a buy it now. Link will be sent to you if your intrested in it(not up yet due to lack of intrest on people of this site).

Okay. I'll take a look at it. If it looks good I'll talk to my parents who will probably let me.

Do you have any original Knex balls?


Ight do you think you can give me a week so I can get the money?

Sure message me when you got it. with details as to where you live so i know what to put for shipping. The way its going to work is ill set up a ebay buy it now and send you the link. Sound good message me if you have any questions.

How much is it for? Including shipping.

I want 75 idk about shipping but who ever buys it ill send them a ebay link to its buy it now.

I'll be your fwiend?

Me. My offer is: about fifty cents on Paypal and setting the person of your choice on fire.

Dang. Don't have much of that right now. Pretty much all I have is a LOT of fire-making ability and mechanical genius.

You need to mention where you can post to, and how much it might cost.

Maybe mention (roughly) where you are, in case people can collect.