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Whoa ! I signed in and thought the forums had been eliminated... Answered

Took me a good 5-6 minutes to find them again.  Is this on purpose? 



6 years ago

I'm not sure how I finally got here, but yeah, I'm wondering what happened, too. Wondering if I can find this page again.....

Under MORE and Categories...

Questions and Answers,
Community Forums too,
All hidden, so sad.

Here's a thought; why not re-name the "more" tab? Call it "community", and that covers both forums and Q&A.

That would make more sense... I just don't like how 'radio shack' and 'Ace' took over a lot of realestate... (like they are somehow 'more important').

They'll have paid* for the privilege (similar things have been done in the past).

(* Through their corporate noses, I hope.)

Looks like they're still fiddling with the menus.... it use to just say "quick fixes" now it says "Ace Quick Fixes"...

people thought the quick fix to the tabs were in there and didn't want to field the angry viewers.

lol... funny enough, that's what I thought... like somehow clicking on the link would restore the website to its former glory. ;)

but now there will be something brewing up with the sponsors because somebody else's tab is bigger than theirs. Pixel envy, I believe.

Sounds good....it was counter intuitive to look under MORE for Discussion Forums, for sure.

It certainly makes more sense than a "More" tab.
I just tried it on my mobile & I have to say I'm not impressed.
I can see a lot of members who access using mobile devices may take quite a while finding the forums.

I have a large flat screen monitor and it took me a lot longer than I would normally have spent at a site looking for a tab....


6 years ago

Every time your cursor goes over a tab you get the automatic drop down. Not good for me, that should a manual drop down. Constantly getting the unwanted auto drop down.

I didn't notice that at first so I was clicking all over not finding what I wanted

Yeah i came on here today and I'm all "AAAAAAAAA what the heck happened?!"

Is what on purpose?

The fact that they are harder to find? Or the fact that they have been put in a tab to make the tab bar look cleaner?

MUCH harder to find. I would have looked up the forum to see if they had an anouncement about it.....but I couldn't FIND the forums....'

Cleaner ? There's a load of new junk on the tab bar !

Cluttered is cleaner
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Hate is love
We have always been at war with Eastasia

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Being square is square.
Being in is out.
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