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Whose got my Button??? Answered

So now I'm puzzled the button to vote for an Instructable for the book thing has apparently vanished while I was attempting to fold a paper wallet! Seriously I see you can still vote on the contest page but I can't even tell now if an Instructable I'm reading is entered or not and if it is I'm having to jump through hoops to find it in the contest Que in order to vote for it. I would think it would be more fair to have people vote for these contests straight from the Instructable itself instead of having to go to a contest page then rifle through all the entries to find the one I had just been reading plus having them auto ordered by most viewed or most voted seems like it would skew the results in favor of any project that got an early lead just by them getting more exposure during the competition. My name is not Chad by the way so have no fear of me trying to get you all to start counting Chad votes... I do live in Florida though.



I wasn't meaning to complain I just wasn't quite sure if I was missing it cause it got moved or something...

And dang the buttons back LOL. Maybe it was just my bad timing.

There have been quite a number of tweaks to the site since I joined. Sometimes they didn't feel right, but I quickly got used to them, because each has, on reflection, made the site better.

If you want to look at lists the "other" way round, add "=FALSE" to the end of the url. For instance:

Highest-to-lowest rating, compared to lowest-to-highest rating.

Whatever happened to good ol' &reverse=TRUE?

I have been noticing changes to the web site, but that's kind of sad. I liked it better that way. It is harder to search through pages and pages than to just hit a button.