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Why Knex bullpups are (mostly) useless and a stupid idea. Answered

So in the real world the point of a bullpup design is to either reduce the overall length of a gun, or to have the same length of gun but with a longer barrel, which results in a higher velocity bullet which can go further.  Another often added bonus is that the gun is more balanced weight wise around the handle, making it easier to handle.  

Now to crush your dreams.

Not a single on of those advantages carries over to knex guns.  Not one.  A bullpup knex gun will only end up longer(yes LONGER), use more parts, have theoretically lower range, it is less balanced, and more complicated with more things that can go wrong.  

With a knex gun, you want as short of a barrel as possible for the shot to go through, so that there is as little friction as possible on it.  This is one reason that turret guns can be so powerful.  Now with a bullpup design, you almost automatically have to add a longer barrel, as the shot has to leave the action area AND go over your handle/trigger mech.  Not good.

The gun will be less balanced because now basically the entire gun is behind the handle, unless you put some fat barrel on the front to balance it out, but then that breaks the first point I talked about, as well as using many more parts and defeating the purpose of being a shorter weapon.  Most ram guns now are mostly balanced, as the handle is usually in the middle of the gun, as the ramrod has to be pulled behind it as well as going in front of it, so you place the handle and trigger as close to the middle so as to make the trigger simpler.

Now as to why making a knex bullpup will make it longer, just look at the pictures.  It will make sense then.  Also this is why you need many more parts for a gun like this.  Also the stock becomes disgustingly long.

And finally, this is more of a design issue than a complete flaw, but the trigger is usually(USUALLY) weaker and more prone to failure/not working correctly with a bullpup gun.  

Now this doesn't apply to everthing.  Slingshot guns and repeating slingshot guns actually benefit from a bullpup design, that will actually make them shorter and more balanced, because they are more similar to real guns in their layout in that the shot/magazine is the farthest part back in the mechanism.  Also replicas, well duh.  

The pictures should make this all make more sense.  And I assumed a build for performance, so the pin draw is long and the magazine is as far away from the pin as possible.  Because all knex guns should be built like that.


I get the points why they suck

but there are several solutions for this

like make a bigger barrel les "rubbing" barrel, it might become let acurate, but still,

also what MIGHT be a solution is my K9 system, used in the K9 Shepherd,

it's bullpup but blocks infront of the mag, so you can put several bullets into the barrel and have a longer overal pin lenght, so with that said, they aren't totaly a waiste of parts,

and a tip if I am alowed,

try seeing stuff from the sunny/good side, and not all the bad things, it will suprise you e.e

i get your point...i really do...but to me...and many knexers (im assuming)...there are 2 reasons FOR bullpup...1) making one work makes u fell like a boss because of how complicated the trigger mechs are...and 2) i feel BA holding a bullpup style gun =p

another note...arent all knex pistols bullpup because the mag is TECHNICALLY behind the trigger

Most knex pistols I know have a front mag, only replicas have one in the handle, and no because the mag isn't behind the handle. And the stocks are so long on bullpups, I don't know how you could feel cool holding it.

the front mag is only like half of them out there...i meant like handle loaded...look its an opinion...ive always like the look of bullpups...if u dont then i guess thats your choice

Well I have build one successful bullpup in my knex gun building carrer and while the range was a lot less, it was small. I think that it is not much more than two feet long if even that. (I still have it, but lazy to go downstairs and measure it). I also agree that bullpups aren't war worthy so I agree there too.

So overall I agree with everything other than that size thing, bullpups are made for looks not hardcore performance.

I was under the impression that, for many K'NEXers, the look is almost as important as the functionality.

If that is the case, then, surely, bullpup-style guns are transformed from "useless and stupid" to "exactly what is wanted"?

I'm not sure about most people, but bullpup knex guns look terrible to me due to the fact that they have such long constructions and end up so big and bulky. It is also much easier to make a nice looking gun by making it normally.

No, my point is, you are saying that K'NEX Bullpup guns are "...are (mostly) useless and a stupid idea," and yet, when you think about it, ALL K'NEX guns types are: "...(mostly) useless and a stupid idea." So you pointing out that Bullpups are worse than the other types is kinda... well... dumb, to say the least. Just sayin'.

He's saying for a functional weapon, one that'd be used in war for example. There are some things done for the sake of doing them, and then there are guns that just defeat their purpose, namely bullpups.


4 years ago

I agree.

I was hoping most people realized this. I think someone actually tackled this same topic in a topic some while ago. But yeah, I wish there were more bullpup repeating slingshots. They have so much potential but people don't bother trying. I do think it's possible to make a bolt action bullpup. However, it wouldn't -really- be worth it because, as you said, balance is important in ergonomics. But it would probably be possible to fit the entire mechanism into a regular lengthed stock if you figured out how to make the pin go over the magazine...wow I just gave myself an idea.

Anywho, back to being practical. The best thing you can possible do is keep the magazine or whatever you're using for a repeating device as close to the handle as possible and then using a special trigger to hold the pin far back in the stock to be the most piece efficient design.

Yep. Agreed. Just try telling this to Red, Sharir, and friends. It surprises me that people aren't complaining about this yet.