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Why are my instructables picture for steps different sizes? Answered

Would someone take a look at my instructable and tell me why the pictures are different sizes in my instructable steps?  I would greatly appreciate any help resolving this bug.  Thanks in advance. 



For the thumbnails attached to each step, the different shapes are normal.

For the tiny images used to identify each step (in the bar across the top), this is, I believe a real bug. The same bug is what is causing rectangular images to be used on the browsing pages, with the Slideshow and Video banners seemingly misplaced.

I reported it last week shortly after it appeared.

. That's the way Robot scales pictures. If you will make you pictures closer to square (crop or add white space above/below/left/right) it will lessen the effect.

She's talking about the little icons used to identify each step at the top of the I'ble. Those are supposed to be cropped square, but that got broken last week.

Thanks for the answer! I guess the setting on my camera is set different. I have been taking pictures on all my instructables and this is the only one that ever did that. What is the white space thingy?