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Why are the spokes of the spider wheel not the color of the center? Answered

I accidentally stitched the spokes of one of my woven spider wheels the same color as the CENTER of the flower rather than the petals, and I thought "I wonder if that would work, the floss on the outside of the wheel seems to cover the spokes better than the in side of the wheel?" Decided to try it. It turned out fine and I did not have any trouble with the spokes showing through in the center (because they match, or through the 'petals'. Did I just get lucky? Is there a time when this would not work, like maybe using different fabric or fewer strands of floss? Is there some subtle reason why using the color of the petals for the spokes of the spider wheel is better?

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jessyratfinkBest Answer (author)2017-02-01

Honestly, I do it that way just because that's the way I learned! That's the nice thing about embroidery, though - you can really do it any way you want as long as it works :D

I'm sure the colors might peek through when using fewer strands of floss, but otherwise I bet it would be fine!

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