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Why are there so many instructables on making paper wallets? Answered

Is it a man thing? I am genuinely puzzled at the number of instructables out there devoted to paper wallets. Please explain someone!



Best Answer 9 years ago

I think there was a wallet contest a while ago.

That is a great question. I wonder why there are also so many duct tape wallets too. It was funny about 5 years ago I guess. I keep credit cards, cash, ID, SS card, gun permit, FOP and Freemason membership cards and other important stuff there, why would I use paper when a wallet is cheap or I could make a decent leather one for next to nothing? I wish there was a way to filter uninteresting stuff (Knex, duct tape, altoids tins, anything steampunk etc) Uninteresting to ME I mean. I have an idea, fold a piece of paper over a twenty, go to Wally world and buy a real wallet, a 12 pack of socks and lunch instead.

DIY. Do. It. Yourself. Not buy it yourself. Some stuff on this site you can just buy, but sometimes it makes you feel good to have made your own.

Wallets are something almost everyone uses and making them out of different materials is like an art form, instructable junkies will forever be making them >.<

Everyone needs a wallet and paper is abundantly available at almost no cost. These wallets are easy to make, easy to modify and easy to post.

Eric loses his wallet that often that he temporarily turned instructables in to a worldwide sweatshop creating disposable wallets for a lifetime... Robot intervened.