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Why are you here? Answered

why are you here? Are you here for knex? Are you here for electonics? Are you here for knitting? Are you here for customizing your own stuff? Why are you here? Just asking cause it seems like its going slow and boring lately, like another topic said.



10 years ago

I've yet to answer that question.

I have nothing else to do today and I'm a bit addicted?

Throw me down for this reply too. Plus I got brought here from Make, and I just liked all of the stuff on the site.

Yep its me. Though the avatar is going to be changed soon. Just leaving it so that people would know who I was after the name change.

But its going to be the lion whenever I go to change it. Don't worry, its a cute fuzzy electronics based lion...

why are you here?
i'm in it for the chicks
Are you here for knex?
Are you here for electonics?
yes def
Are you here for knitting?
Are you here for customizing your own stuff?
you bet
Why are you here?
'why aren't i?'

why are you here? For the fun Are you here for knex? No Are you here for electonics? Yes Are you here for knitting? No Are you here for customizing your own stuff? Yes Why are you here? Asked already

1 - I'm here to try to improve my english (that's why I'm trying to talk about various things so I have a chance to enrich my vocabulary in various domain) 2 - I'm here because Instructables.com is an interactive source of knowledges, and I find reassuring to have access to various source of knowledges ... 3 - I'm here because I have a long TODO list of instructables I would like to share (but I don't have enough time or patience to make them ...) 4 - I'm here because lots of you are very interesting and intelligent persons, and I like interacting with you.

me to I mean I spoken anglish me hole leif and i sukc whan tiping on froums.

I am here to share, and to have shared with me, the curiosity and the wonder of things near and far.

I am here to be in a community that shares the same DIY mindset that I do.

im here cause i have a curious mind and i like to know things, hence i read all the instructables and learn a crap load of stuff

To learn and teach and because I have nothing better to do.


10 years ago

I'm here to learn and teach.

I'm here because my parents were bad at birth control.

I'm here for Ideas on things to do, help when I need it and bordom prevention.

Everybody has to be somewhere...

I'm here because instructables is a good, intelligent, online community and has taught me how to do a lot of things that I wouldn't know how to do or even knew existed had I not found instructables.