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Why can't I enter contests? Answered

I published 2 instructables and entered 2 contests (Paper challenge and Sew warm). Since then I see several new entries have been added, mine were not. When I try to enter the contests again, the page tells me I have no eligible instructables. I even deleted one of them and wrote it newly today but still I cannot enter the contest. Both entries fir the topics of the contests but when I click "Enter now", I cannot choose any of my instructables.




5 months ago

If it is the 3D Flower posted 20 min ago you need to be patient...
I believe they are entered and being reviewed.
You can always leave a note at support@instructables.com

Thanks, that is the instructable I deleted and wrote again. I actually posted and entered it yesterday and today new entries were added but mine. However, the problem is solved, I had to log out and back in and enter both contests again. Still quite strange as I entered them yesterday and today I had to do it again.

We review every entry manually and and we do it within normal business hours. The majority of our staff is halfway around the world from you in San Francisco. Thus, when you are entering it, it will likely take some time for people to get around to reviewing it (particularly overnight and on weekends). If it is not appearing in the contest, please be patient. We will let you know if there is a problem with your entry.