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Why can't I right click?

Well, I don't know if it has to do with recently getting a new mouse, or what, but I can't right click. I even tried my old mouse again, and it doesn't work on that either! What should I do?

EDIT: Nevermind, I restarted my computer and it works now. Odd.

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RavingMadStudios (author)2009-12-15

Try reinstalling the mouse driver.

DJ Radio (author)2009-12-24

Because you fail that hard. 

(JK =P)

chopstx (author)2009-12-19

Why is this in K'nex?

travw (author)chopstx2009-12-19


chopstx (author)travw2009-12-20

Oh. Whoops.

shadowninja31 (author)2009-12-16

Reinstall the mouse driver. If that doesn't work check the companies site that makes your mouse.
I have that problem, except the mouse (I have two) doesn't move. I can use all the buttons and stuff, but it won't move. I think my problem is hardware failure not software because my other mouse works. If neither work for you it is probably software failure.

Fred the Penguin (author)2009-12-15

assuming you are using windows...
go into control panel
go to printers and other hardware
go to mouse
make sure it is set up properly.

Zengineer1618 (author)2009-12-15

If you are using a PS2 mouse, try using a USB mouse instead.