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Why did Instructables text get smaller? Answered

I noticed how all of the text on this website is smaller.  Why?  It is harder to read, and does not look as nice.  Is this only temporary?


They periodically alter the site structure and background apps (you may have noticed they recently did away with the sort-lived rich text editor they were using and replaced it with another.

They *may have altered the font used or dropped a point size and almost no-one would notice. I've noticed a difference, but I wasn't exactly sure where to point for why.

I don't think it's the site at all.
If Jayefuu is right then all your internet will be smaller.
Check your browser settings for font sizes & such.



8 years ago

Maybe the whole universe just got a little bigger.

Maybe you zoomed out by mistake? Try holding control and pressing 0. This will reset the zoom of your browser.