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Why did my avocado split? Answered

I did something totally different. I tried the toothpicks insert in the avocado...waited forever. Nothing. Then I just stuck it in a potted soil container (say about 3 weeks) and I water it mostly everyday...(moist). Then I noticed that my seed (pointed side up) cracked all the way down and it looks kinda brown, like mush. I do notice that a small "root" is sneaking out...Is this the process? What do I do now?  This is my first time ever growing an avocado. Thanks so much.


Sounds like its growing....


Fully sounds like how the pit would germinate -- the plant has to get out of that shell somehow!

now that it piqued my interest (I tried to grow one but it didn't sprout)...I looked it up;


should take 4-6 weeks for the first sprouts. Helps to pinch off the leaves after a few weeks and the 2nd set will be stronger.

Ahhh...thank you for that wonderful website. It taught me a lot. I can't wait to take pictures and share my fruit.

Highly recommend posting an ible if it turns out! Document it now to make it easier later!