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Why did the ibles site format change? Answered



 oh yeah i check my ibles page like just a couple times a week but thanks 

This link should explain it.  They got a "New Toy" and they are playing with it.  While they play we get bumped around a little.

You missed half of that -- they got a new toy, and are getting money to show off what they can do with it.  Think about that "getting money" part, and ask yourself what would you do.

I didn't say they shouldn't just said we get bumped around in the process.  I like some of the changes but hiding stuff in short cuts wasn't really needed.

I tend to agree with that, but at least they're trying to follow a consistent design philosophy ("less is better").  Nested menus are a reasonable way to avoid the "cluttered desktop" syndrome. 

I don't think this implementation is accessible, however, and I've mentioned that to them.

Actually, I am mistaken.  The shortcuts "popup" menu is implemented entirely via CSS, using standard HTML (UL/LI) tags with custom formatting.  This makes them, and a lot of the stuff on the page, fully accessible even if CSS is disabled.