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Why did you restructure the web page? Answered

I have been working with my class on your instructable class of the Telepresence Robot and today I discovered that the format of the web page had changed. The photos are smaller and the arduino code is missing. The class was sooooo good!! Why the change?

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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-05-17

We are systematically removing projects from classes to make classes only information-based.

In terms of pictures, you can click on any of the smaller pictures to enlarge them (and again to get them at full res), which actually allows you to view them larger than you could in the class.

I opened a few of the projects and the code seems to be there. Where is it missing?

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SteveB175 (author)randofo2017-08-09

My son and I started this class and bought everything for the projects... are the old classes with the projects somewhere they can be downloaded?

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