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Why do my threads keeps hiding? THIS IS GETTING REALLY IRRITATING! Two new threads added. Answered

A few times recently, I have posted forum topics and they have taken time to appear.

For instance, I posted this electronics question about 15 hours ago as I type, and it still hasn't shown, despite adding a "bump" post myself.

I have noticed other people complaining about this issue as well.

Is there are bug? Or is it something else?


We prefer 'topics' to 'threads'.

The same happens to me ALL THE TIME...

. Maybe Robot got a little too carried away with his July 4th celebrations and is playing tricks on you Brits. ;) . I didn't see anything that would have triggered a filter, unless "noob" is on the list. . I left a few suggestions for you.

. Weird. I gave it a rating of 2.5 - maybe that will jar it loose from whatever cranny it got hung up in. And I corrected your spelling of "aerial". :P

The feature team can alter the keywords, adding or removing as appropriate.

I know, I'm just surprised Uncle Nacho (haha!) is on the team...

. I have all sorts of strange and wonderful powers. . Mostly imaginary.


None of my threads are showing up either. This post is the second of mine to disappear. It's frustrating because the only posts of mine that have not shown are posts asking for help! I don't think a keyword is holding it up because I tried posting it without "land mine".

...I think the new Robot wants us to figure things out on our own, and not ask for help. :P