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Why do people always think the world's ending!? Answered

Once again someone thinks the world's gonna end soon. Someone is suing CERN because their afraid that the new atom smasher (Large Hadron Collider (LHC) along the French-Swiss border) is going to create a black hole and suck up the Earth in a month or so. I think its gonna be another failed doomsday theory, like it probably will be.


Can we build moon colonies in a month? Better get started. :P


It's an interesting concept. I find the end of the world interesting anyway... There's a new atom smasher?

. The LHC is not exactly new (they've been building/prepping it for years), but they are supposed to crank it up in June. LHC web site

I predict it happening on the 19th may, my birthday well I was told I should expect it... It's not suprising, remember that many people grew up in a time when the world was very likely to end and nearly did one day... When all was settled people came to doctors for antidepressants in droves, simply put people need something to fear...