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Why do people go vegan and vegetarian???? Answered

Well, if the two things in the title are the same thing, don't bother telling me.

Now, to the real question! 
Well, my question today is said in the title. THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!! Why would someone not eat meat at all, just for this unknown reason?
Or why would someone not eat anything at all from an animal?

What I'm trying to say is, some people will think I'm wrong, but it's okay to eat animals. But some people think it hurts the animals blah blah blah so they don't eat meat. The real thing im weirded out by is people who don't eat anything from an animal!!!
If you eat nothing from an animal, YOU ARE CRAZY! (my opinion....). Taking an egg from a chicken doesn't hurt them or anything! Or milking a cow!!!




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These people have a fundamental dislike of kiling animals so they can be eaten. They have a fundamental dislike / disgust at eating the flesh of animals that once lived and looked cute & fluffy/wooly/hairy-horny.
Come on now, milk that's a bodily-fluid from cow-teats - think about it.... then think about taking a machete to the same animal and slicing a steak off it's rear.


So people are just disgusted and grossed out by the thought of eating animals?

How do you look at pigs - bacon or cute? I think of bacon and pork-chops, but other people think of the cute little piggy-wiggies, and there you've got your meat-dodgers and v-s..


When I see an animal, I see somthing cute yes, but I also see it as a source of survival. I don't have a problem with people not eating meat, I DO have a problem with people who go around getting in your face for eating meat. I have met a few vegetarians who every day would tell me im "evil" because I hunt and eat meat. -_-


Yes, and I bet they totally dodge leather, gelatine, milk, eggs, etc...?


gelatin you mean powdered bone slime right? (Honestly thinks it should be called that instead, along with gas being called dead dinosaur juice)

Oh, I see.
It's just people's points of view! Right?

Yes, pretty much. IN  the case of pigs, it is commonly held that although the Jewish and Muslim faith's were directed to not eat pork by god that indeed it was for a more pragmatic set of reasons.

Primarily, pork carries trichinosis (spelling). It would have been very prudent for religious leaders to imply that it is ungodly to eat pork in order to prevent trichinosis in humans, especially since in the way way back, cooking meat thoroughly  enough to ensure prevention of trichinosis wasn't as simple as  turning the over to 275, setting the timer to 3 hours, and sitting back in the barkolounger a downing a couple 'a brewskies while the <insert favorite warrior group substitute>  pummels the other team on the tele. . As religion is so oft to do, lying is ok if it results in behaviors that their leaders believe to be in their best interests. Kinda like veggies over extended claims regarding the evils of meat eating. What surprises me is that they continue to play the lie as though it were "God's" truth, instead of a cultural standard born of medical necessity thousands of years ago and couched in the moral authority of "God's" word.
Gawd gave me teeth for grinding grain, and others for rending flesh. Gawd made me an omnivore, and I think I'll follow gawd's plan and let the kooks play their game, as long as they don't try to legally regulate me from eating meat.

A secondly reason I've read about is that pork is, for a dry middle eastern environment, a very uneconomical meat to produce, requiring more effort (cost) than sheep or cows., although they have no problem raising either sheep or cows or goats or chickens or ...

Clearly, neither Jews nor Muslims have some sort of valid moral authority regarding animals in general, since not long ago they  killed them in their religious rituals...and still do don't they?

No, not just.  Perhaps you don't have a clear understanding of the power of religious prohibitions, either.  Is it okay to screw your sister?  Why not?

Perhaps I don't.... 
You think it'd be okay if one screwed their sister???

No, I don't.  You aren't getting the rhetorical argument.  You seem to have the amazing bizarre idea that religious beliefs or carefully considered ethical arguments are merely "points of view."  Logically, therefore you must also have the same opinion that the prohibition against incest is also merely "a point of view."  Think about that, and how it connect back to you assertions in this topic.

Some people believe that it used to be OK for the first few thousand years, then when in-breeding started to throw-up genetic illnesses (some feature of rapid evolution you'd think?) God prohibited it...


Well, that's true for some but not all.  (Note:  I am a total omnivore, but know and have cooked for many vegetarians and vegans so am familiar with both motivation and diet.)

In addition to avoiding animal products for ethical/moral reasons or from dislike/disgust, there is often a health issue for vegetarianism.  (Less so for pure veganism - that almost always has an ethical component.)

The standard American diet is absolutely bad for you, and going vegetarian can be an easy way to cut out the really unhealthy stuff.  Eating more fruits and vegetables is certainly good for you, and if you substitute fruits and veggies and legumes for a diet of fast-food hamburgers it's a net win for your body.   Of course, eating a well-balanced vegetarian diet is kind of hard (grilled cheese sandwiches, mac'n'cheese, and pizza are NOT a healthy diet either) so you've got to pay attention and do lots of cooking yourself. 

At that point, if you're not ethically opposed to meat, you can add back in healthy amounts of grass-fed, properly-treated meat and mercury-free fish and end up even healthier than a conscientious vegetarian.  But it's all better than the standard American diet!

I'm veggie so I eat animal products e.g. milk, eggs, honey etc however I couldn't bring myself to eating battery eggs for example. It's cruel and unnecessary. If the consumer wants cheap eggs they pay the price of a life of hell for the animal producing that food.

I suggest you watch some videos or read some recent reports on animal products you eat and there production, you will be surprised. I was a rather ignorant meat eater ignoring its origin and after researching, reading, watching many programs, speaking to people I couldn't bear to eat meat anymore.

And just for you to know typically vegetarians eat dairy products, eggs and honeys. Vegans do not eat any animal products but some make exceptions for honey depending in the source and supplier.

Many vegetarians and vegans don't use animal products either such as leather, wool etc due to the unethical nature behind it in most cases.

Feel free to ask me any other questions if you would like to! :)

(I've attached you a picture of some battery hens, It is a pleasant picture compared with others and by all means reality)


That is the kind of animal cruelty i am against.

Could you give me a link or something to one of those reports?

when people have pets like a cat or a dog then see's a video showing cats and dogs being consumed by another culture they react by its so wrong to kill and eat the cats and dogs but when they see a piece of beef or pork or chicken slapped down in front of them they go and consume the blood shed of the animal see they hold the life of a pet higher than the life of a simple cow or pig or chicken allowing the constant slaughter of innocent living animals who deserve to live like the cat and the dog so why not go and NOT eat meat now your biggest question how can you hurt a animal by getting a egg from a chicken or milk from a cow, well simple the machine the cow is attached to hurts the cow it causes soars then the soars become infected by mistreatment by workers of they food industries then in turn kills the cow slowly and painfully now with the chicken when being raised for the eggs they cut the tips of the chickens beak with a hot blade that hurts the chicken for months after the cut then the chickens are placed into small cages with thousands upon thousands of other chickens to be in a cage not to be able to move there bodies and wings all just to lay eggs to finally die of there bones turning to dust literally because of no way of moving i can go on forever about who works at the industries, how the supposedly painless slaughter process goes on painfully, and how animals are feed with hormones and chemicals to beef up the animals so now tell me how you cannot figure out why people become vegetarians and vegans. this is all to save the lives of innocent, unbiased, loving, smart animals i am a vegetarian the only reason that plaques my conscientious is because i cannot become a vegan due to my doctors want me to still get the calcium for my hurt leg.

Come on, guy! Do a little more research. Whatever happened to free-range and organic? Ever heard of Kobe beef? I want to come back as one of those. But anyway, that is only in the worst of circumstances that you are talking about. The reason 'supposedly painless slaughter process goes on painfully' is because they do not follow the correct laws. That is why there are health inspectors, so that franchises like those are shut down. And also, as for your description of the food industry,it is sorrily false. There are many, many farms that are family run and owned that treat animals responsibly and healthily. All of you 'conscientious' veggies should stop acting like eating meat is so wrong and face the facts- a lot of your views of the food industry is cynical and false.Cutting down on meat consumption is good for your health, but Vegetarianism can be bad for you. There are many supplements in meat in dairy that are quite hard to replace with beans and soy.

Being a Christian, it says in the Bible that we are the top dogs! It says we can kill animals for food! Why do people think it is wrong?

Then why was man prohibited from eating meat and animal products in Eden?

Doesn't negate the fact that if you believe in the Bible then God's intention was for man to be vegan. Just because man messed up doesn't mean you have to take part.


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I am vegetarian, and there several reasons why I became so.  And I am sure that each vegan and vegetarian has their own personal reason.  Disliking the killing of animals for food (like Lemonie said), but also the inhuman treatment of those animals and the while they are still alive by modern agribusiness. 

Not to mention the inefficiency of producing animal protein, the amount of land and water required not to mention the amount of waste it produced, basically eating meat is not very environmentally  friendly.

I also don't meat because I think it is healthier not to, less saturated fat, not to mention the mad cow disease, growth hormones and antibiotics as a result of modern farming practices.

1: going vegetarian won't stop people from killing animals.
2: Don't crops take up land space? Don't the tractors need fuel? Is that environmentally friendly?
3: How many people did you know that were infected by mad cow disease? How many people have been harmed by the antibiotics and hormones? I don't think people would give you harmful antibiotics for the meat that you need, unless they have mad human disease.

I'm sure as heck I didn't change you point of view, but, I just wanted to get my point out there.

1.  No, but it does allow you (i.e., the vegetarian) to stop supporting those who do kill animals.

2.  You should do some research on food efficiency in the food chain.  The amount of grain required to feed one cow is enough to feed ten people directly.  Therefore, it is far more destructive of the environment to grow grain to feed to animals which are killed for food, than it would be to grow grain directly for human consumption.

3.  The long term effects of unnecessary antibiotics are weil-understood.  They don't have to cause harm to an individual directly; what they do is encourage the development of microorganisms which are resistant to those antibiotics in the future.  Those, in turn, are far more likely to cause untreatable disease (since they aren't killed by the antibiotics).

Your points are naive, and show a misunderstanding of quantitative analysis.

(response to bottom line)

I didn't want to reply to those others ones because you got me on them, but that last line doesn't make sense.

And I'm not to be a vegetarian, no matter what.

Then that's your personal decision.  Calling other people's views, especially when those views are grounded in either careful analysis or religious faith, "crazy" just because they don't match yours is rude, ignorant, and bigoted.  You should expect to be treated as such as a result.

I don't care that I'm being treated like THIS.

.  Do a little research before making comments and you won't get treated like THAT. You obviously have no idea about what's going on when it comes to the overall efficiency of raising animals for food or the proper use of antibiotics.

This doesn't really concern me, so I didn't do very extensive research.

1.  Still, the vast majority of people in the world will demand meat(like me!).

2.  One cow can feed many more than 10 people.  (I know that the grain required is not for the cow's whole life.)  And would you really like to eat corn instead of beef everytime you eat beef?

3.  Are you one of those people who honestly think that antibiotics are bad!?  Seriously, look at the name.  The antibiotics keep the cow healthy, so you don't get sick.  If you get weakened by the antibiotics from eating meat, you are eating way to much meat to start with.

1.  Do you know your statistics?  What fraction of the world's population actually eats meat currently?  Please cite your sources.

2.  Did you read the information on trophic levels?  The efficiency is about 10% on average.  I wrote my text very poorly.  It should have read, "The amount of grain required to feed one cow is enough to feed ten times as many people directly."  Think about that.  We wouldn't be growing corn if we weren't using it to feed livestock; we would be growing far more nutrient rich grains or other foods.

3.  You need to do some more research, and you need to learn about "natural selection."  Antibiotics are bad when they are given prophylatically, rather than to combat a specific infection.  As I already said, which you didn't understand, the antibiotics in meat do not affect the consuming individual directly.  What they do is to make future generations of microorganisms resistant to those antibiotics.  Those future generations can go on to infect animals or/and people, such that they cannot be killed by antibiotics (that's what "resistant" means).

I know all that on #3.  That is why I said,  "if you eat so much meat it affects you negatively, you are eating way to much meat."  I know how germs can build up an immunity to anibiotics if given for the wrong reasons.

1. Excuse me, but I did do some research, and found that a study in U.S.A found that 3.2 percent of the world's population is vegetarian. 0.5 percent is vegan.
This means more than 95% of the world's population will probably want meat, and I doubt those percents have changed.

2. What about all the people just don't eat as much meat! (sorta sarcastic)

3. How many diseases do YOU know of that are going to go on for generations with infections? And how many of those come from cows and other animals? just think....

1.  You misread the study.  3.2 percent of the U.S. Population is vegetarian.  Roughly 50% of the world's population is vegetarian, including 30% of India's.

2.  You still don't understand the quantitative data.  Please go learn some basic ecological biology, including trophic levels, and "consumer efficiency", before continuing this.  Otherwise you won't have anything sensible to contribute to this point.

3.  You still don't understand natural selection and antibiotic resistance.  Please go read up on the rise and spread of, for example, MSRA, before continuing this.  Otherwise you won't have anything sensible to contribute to this point.

You are right on number one, over 95 percent of the world ISN'T vegetarian or vegan! 

Wrong.  About 50% of the world isn't vegetarian.