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Why do rubber-bands break? Answered

All of my rubber-bands have broken and im mad. I want answers... NAO!!!


Mostly, repeated stressing and destressing causes the polymer strands to separate, weakening the band.

Rubber is a polymer and so is made from chains of molecules connected together. If the polymer has few cross links between the chains then it will be flexible like rubber.

UV light effects the chains and breaks them down causing the rubber to crack and crumble into molecular dust.

To avoid this keep them out of sunlight in a cool place and apply a natural oil such as castor oil to them to keep the bands supple.

Oh and don't over stretch them.

Rubber has a further odd property in that when you stretch it it gets cooler.

If they're natural latex, this is the "perishing" that rick' referred to, but they'll oxidise in darkness too.
Try to find some synthetic rubber instead.
The latex bands are essentially disposable, not intended to last very long.



7 years ago

The rubber gets old and dries out - it gets brittle and breaks easily. Other times, a small nick or tear will form, and tension on the band causes the tear to grow until it snaps.