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Why do smoke shops also fix watches? Answered

 Every single smoke shop I have ever seen advertises that they also repair watches. It makes sense to have another source of income in addition to selling lung cancer, but why such a complicated thing as watch repair?



Best Answer 8 years ago

I'd bet that the local watch repair person has blanketed the area with 'If you take in the watch I'll repair it and you get a percentage'.  It's unlikely that each shop has a repair person, it would be sent out to a trade shop.

Is this combination tobacco/ watch repair more common in the UK? Never heard of such a thing in the USA!  There's a cigar shop near me who's owners collect all and anything monkeys and display their collection in the store! I even SOLD them a stuffed one I remade last year(I don't use tobacco, and needed the $$$). The shop is called Cigar Monkey LOL.

In the same city, there's a head shop that also sells soft-air pellet guns!

I don't think I've ever seen a smoke shop ever advertise watch fixing, but maybe I'm not looking closely.  A number of nail salons around here will replace your watch batteries...

I thinkjtobakohas it right.  They don't do it there, they take the watch, say you'll get it back in a week and then either have the local guy come and fix it or ship it off to who-knows-where for repair.

It's like when my bank used to offer to do my dry cleaning. (Yeah, really.) They didn't build a dry cleaner's in the bank, they just had hangers in a closet, the real dry cleaner picked up every afternoon and delivered every morning.

well you have to think the type of customers usually the men who buy a pipe or cigars can also afford a expensive watch

what kind of smoke shop? the one that sells cigarettes or the ones that sell "for tobacco only" glass novelties.

im guessing if its a head shop then its cause they cater to the clientele that might have a bunch of broken watches i.e stolen watches.

Not common in my area. Here, they sell lottery tickets and a few convenience-store items. The lottery tickets actually make sense; that's another high-profit addictive substance. The other items seem to exist mostly to get people into the store so they'll buy tobacco or tickets.


8 years ago

I can't say I have witnessed that particular aspect of smoke shops, but I'd guess that because a watch maker is usually a one man operation and because he wouldn't require much more space than what would be needed for his workbench, he could sublet the space from the smoke shop owner. The smoke shop owner makes a little extra income from renting the space and the watch maker doesn't have to rent a full shop for the little space he actually needs. And, its one stop shopping for the smoker in need of tobacco and a watch repair.

Maybe in watch fixin school they teach them to sell smokes to supliment their watch fixin bidness.