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Why do we? Answered

Today I'm going to talk about the so dreaded block trigger that everyone hates.
But why?
You say they lack (or have none) innovation.
You can't deny it.
Even the greatest K'NEXers started out with block triggers.
The K'NEX gun itself started with a block trigger.
So people are just shunning our orgin.
With out the block trigger, K'NEX guns would've NEVER existed.
Think about it.

Since newer systems were thought of and built, people just don't prefer block triggers. I don't hate block triggers, i just don't prefer them. It's not like we should all go praise them for they are our orgin, but we should just ignore them if you still hate them, or just keep in mind that this is our orgin and not even say a thing.



8 years ago

Well do you think that if Ford made a steam powered piston car that did half a mile and hour and broke down every 50ft people would like it? Would it sell? Would it be popular?
There is a reason why people move on to better things.

I think most people would agree with you, but you can't argue that shunning older designs for new ones is a bad thing?  Imagine if real armies used flintlock weapons.

If one side used flintlock, and the other modern, oh god.

About 1 shot from a musket = 40 rounds from an M4 ;)

So 1 musket shot is 40X more powerful than 40 from an M4?

No. I think he was speaking ROF-wise. But I'm not sure because it'd be more like a bajillion.

I dont hate them, in fact I use them on alot of prototypes, but, if you look at what guns actually use a block triggers you can see a trend, are they guns like the Z35 or the Tr18? no they are nooby tube and stick guns (for the most part)

The TR-18 is a tube and stick gun, but it just has a true trigger.

yes, but it also has a full stock and pin guide. but my point was that most guns that use block triggers are pieces of ****

also I thought you were unable to go on

I've seen block trigger guns with huge frames around a simple tube and stick before.

And I was unable, now I am.

The only 3 block triggers worth praising are Killerk's pistol ,Basic knex cannon by (Your name here), and PD's dual pistol set.

Everything else is just copies.  Killerk made the best simple block trigger gun, everybody else's block trigger is copying him and they have nothing original.

I never started out with a block trigger myself, my first knex gun was actually a RBG.  But then again, I didn't know what a block trigger was then.  By some weird series of events I have never made a block trigger gun.

Yes, technically speaking, you have made "block" triggers. Either a trigger system blocks the ram or holds it back.

People don't hate block triggers. There are block triggers, sear triggers, ratchets, RBG mechanisms and some others. The ones people don't like are the tube-and-stick guns that are KK copies. I have actually made a tube-and-stick gun and posted it on KK's TR topic. The reason mine doesn't suck is because it has a turret and a wind-up mechanism on it.

Killerk didn't even make the original block trigger on ibles.  (your name here) did, so technically the tube and stick guns are (your name here) copies.

No. They are 'tube and stick' guns. (YNH) had neither. It didn't fire rods, it didn't have a bullet-lock, and it wasn't what caused the surge of crappy designs.

Oh yeah, i see. People saw how well KK did with such a simple design, so they tweked it a bit and BAM a wall of block triggers.

A trigger system that holds the ram back is a sear system.  By that definition, yes I have made block triggers, but the type you are talking about in your forum is one like on Killerk's pistol.

PS, not all my guns have triggers that block the barrel.

We dont particulary hate them we just dont like it when its nothing new. Take the Knexsayer for instance it has the biggest block trigger of them all with mounds of innovation. It is that they lack innovation because no ones going to appreciate it  because its not new or useful. Yes we all started out with them as i did too so yes we all used them we all probably still do like oodalumps. My point is if it has nothing new on it its foing to be shamed but if they add more components and use a true trigger that pulls the block the gun will be awesome and will be pretty much liked through out the community.

Actually, the knexsayer uses a block-true trigger mech.  NYPA is talking about guns that use just block triggers, with no way to pull it like a real trigger.

Block trigger hate = hating tube&stick block triggers when they are posted.

They should be hated.

Alright try landing a job where you don't use any modern tools and do everything by old methods. Chances are you won't get the job because you're not with the times. Block triggers aren't bad themselves. They can be good when used correctly. They're annoying to use and not new at all. There are literally hundreds of guns that use them. Tube and stick guns are annoying because they're overdone. We don't need anymore. Block triggers in otherwise modern guns are just annoying and a sign of lack of skill. You can make a true trigger just as good as a block trigger if you are a decent knexer.

What about blacksmithing?

Oxy-acetylene torch wasn't around in the middle ages, and it makes the job a lot easier.

That requires skill, doing basics may not be impressive, but blacksmiths tend not to say "hey everyone look at the scroll I just made!".