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Why do you have those crappy ads on the right side bar? Answered

This stuff is pure crap. I got ripped off by one of them.  "Sun City Mom discovers shocking method for erasing wrinkles. Dermatologists hate her... " The funny thing is that Sun City AZ where I live is a senior community. This kind of adverts make you look bad and only add to the bad rap that the internet has. Clean up your site. I do love the rest of the work you have done on it. "Bad with the good" you may say but this stuff is at the other end of the spectrum from what you are trying to do with your site. lol Michael Townsend


Thanks for the replys. I know what you all say is correct, I guess I just had a bad experience and wanted to blow off. Thanks everyone.

Just agreeing with all the others:

1) Ads support the free service.

2) Instructables doesn't pick the ads. Doing so requires a very substantial investment, which most services really can't afford and/or don't want to deal with. Which is why they farm this out to online ad agencies and just post the feed from those.

3) For those reasons, online ads should NEVER be taken as endorsements by the site which hosts them, unless the authors of the site explicitly step in and say "Yea verily, this one is worthwhile."

4) There are as many bad services/products advertised online as in magazines, radio, and so on. Sturgeon's law: "90% of everything is crud." Treat any ad, anywhere, with skepticism, and the more unreasonable the claims the more skepticism you should apply. In particular, ads that claim they will reveal secrets that "THEY don't want you to know" are almost always rip-offs. Do your homework before sending your money.

5) As others have said, you can run an ad-blocker. which will address the problem for all your browsing rather than just here. I use NOSCRIPT for security reasons, but it also blocks most ads. I almost regret that side effect since the ads _do_ pay for the services and the services deserve the money... but the number of animated, popup, and agressive-mouseover ads was becoming absolutely painful and I had to kill those to save (what's left of) my sanity.

Like it or not, running a website costs money, and running a webserver that can handle many, many users costs a lot of money. That's got to come from somewhere, and advertising is the current business model for most of the free services. At least Instructables does offer the ability to buy out of that nuisance; many don't.

Though I must say, the block ad currently appearing on this page rings every single warning bell I've got.

"Is it a scam? What we' ve found may shock you!"
"legally erase credit card debt"
"your insurer hates this"
"burns 12 lbs of fat every 28 days"
"If you have a $500,00 portfolio"

Those are all danger signs. I find it embarrassing that Instructables is carrying this set. But I suppose, given that it's a site dedicated to education, the right answer would be for someone to write an Instructable about how to read advertising critically. Which might upset the advertisers, but that's their problem.

(That particular set seems to be coming from adblade, for what it's worth.)

To pay for all the users who aren't subscribers.

I see no ads.

Because they don't look as good on the left side bar.

1. As far as I know your not obliged to look at them (actually I use an ad blocker and didn't t see them even before they gave me pro status.!)

2. Caveat emptor

Some ads are intrusive - but really...its crap ads or no site whatsoever. Given the options...

The ads are provided by third-party servers, mostly Google ("adsense"), not by Instructables directly. Have you posted the same complaint to CNN, Fox "News", the New York Times, Google itself, the Huffington Post, or any of the thousands of other Web sites which use the same advertising services?