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Why do you like instructables? Answered

Why is it that you are attached to this site?I would like to know the different things that keep you here.My reason is that it has so many cool,DIY projects.I also have many friends here.My questions have been answered within an hour.It is a caring community.



9 years ago

i like it because i like to share what i have discovered and share it. also, it is censored unlike other websites you get on the internet. i also like to see what other people have made. contests are fun, too.

Several projects I googled sent me here. Finally I broke down and gave the site a good look-through. I'd never really been an online-community type person, but ibles changed that. I like the fact that we can share thoughts and ideas without (much) fear of mockery. I like that people with years of experience are willing to give consistently good advice for free. The international nature of the membership here is refreshing. It helps me get back in touch with cultures I had lost contact with (due to my current stationary circumstances). The regulars here are the best. I've gotten all kinds of help and support from y'all, and that means a lot. Also, the tolerant nature of most posters is refreshing. Despite my right-wing, constitutional, libertarian politics- all the left-wingers have been respectful and polite. (Thanks Kelsey!) And despite my strong attention to theology, the agnostic/atheist/skeptics have been very tolerant. (The list of folks who need to be thanked is too long for one post, but you know who you are.) Lastly, I think it's cool that on ibles, age means little. I've had great conversations with folks from 12 to 70 something. Everyone seems to respect the thoughts and experiences of others. That makes ibles AWESOME!

I came for the projects, and stayed for the community. People here think alike, but totally different. People here value others opinions, but will state their own. People here will give you advice, and tell you not to follow it.

Hm.Possibly I could.It was not very long so it could not hold many details.
I like instructables.


9 years ago

it's not like youtube where everyone swears

I love it becasue of the potential to do anything. It's like an empty book, you can look on the site and know that you can do almost any awsome project.

I think we've had similar threads to this but;

It's all about permission. I've had ideas for stuff to make for decades, but never really a reason. Then I started making kites with my classes (hence the username).

Later, I think I was looking for stuff to make jet engines, I ran across Make, and then Instructables.

Instructables gave me a reason to make stuff, permission to get my tools out and make stuff for no other reason than to make stuff. At the time, nobody else I knew would have been interested in seeing the stuff I made. Here, people were eager for it.

Now, I'm part of the furniture. Or at least, I keep a good grip on the furniture so nobody can get rid of me.

Lets just hope they never get rid of the furniture. ;)

Very good.Same with me.Most instructables people such as icinnamon leave ibles after some instructables have been published.

Indeed, due to the amount of feedback, views, and comments, it showed me my projects were admired by alot of people. Which in turn convinces one to keep creating. Since putting projects on this site, my creativity outside of work has increased 10 fold.

Originally, it was for the projects, but I really have to echo gjmhowe's sentiments below.

gjmhowe's?? Thanks klesemh. btw, atm they are above, but, soon after the reply is posted, they will be below again. I did come in search of fame, i received that a long time ago.

Oh, like the Knig of Tyops should complain!

And as for your search, let me help...

Lmfao. And its just 'knig of typos' no messed up latter word, and obviously, no caps..

Isn't Tyops the name of your Kingdom? A small, secluded land nestled in a deep valley, where the sun always shines, the fruit is always ripe, and animated singing birds come and s**t on your shoulder.

no no no, the name of the kingdom is the land of gerro. Where the sun shines blue, the fruit tastes like pizza, and animated singing birds like to steal your eyes.

The community, the new friends i have found on here, and the new ones yet to be found.

where better to show off then the world's biggest show and tell, right ? :-)

I came for knowledge and was given it. I asked for help and recieved it. I made a contribution and it was appreciated. How could I possibly leave again? On another note, has anyone else noticed that whenever you delve into the depths of Google I'ble projects always come up. The standard of which revials any other sources available. It is amazing how many times I google something then end up right back here. I believe it is the search for knowledge, this medium is more effective at getting your word out than any other on the net. It's layout is user friendly and their Google priority in searchs is almost second to none. Notice how often I'bles.com hits in the top three listing of google searchs? Must cost them a packet, but highlights our projects dramatically.

I have Googled soooo many things and found at least one project from instructables on the first page.

Yeah.Whenever I lean toward Google search I always find an ibles project on my search results.Then I start clicking on the related ones and before long I am back on instructables.

Yeah it seems the norm now. We always get great exposure. Check all the Google referals etc. If you pick your keywords correctly you can wipe other sites out.

Yeah.That is just the way I feel.The questions I asked were always answered within an hours time.

I started with MAKE, and still get the magazine, and occasionally go to their site. But they linked a lot of their stuff to Instructables, so I came here to see what was up. The main difference here is the closeness of community that seems to abound. I love being of help to others when I can, but often I need as much help as anyone else. The range of knowledge and experience just can't be found elsewhere...I mean, I am subscribed to get emails from a lot of places, from Aborigine Science to Weird Stuff Inc. but I always come here first, and stay here the longest...if I have time, I look at the others too.


9 years ago

Cool DIY projects and cool people.