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Why does INSTRUCTABLES keep having problems with VIRUSES???? Answered

Once again i am having problems with INSTRUCTABLES being plagued with some kind of viruses or trojans.  When googling instructables, it is listed as a dangerous site that may have viruses.  The last time, it was problems with some pop up advertising that grabbed control or browser and said, "you have a virus."  Why is it the administrators keep allowing this to happen?  I am starting to think this is not a good website to go to.   My web-browser just threw me OFF of the internet because it said, "to protect my computer from malware at this site." 


Not seeing it; I run a pro version of Symantec, plus some additional anti-spyware tools. Sorry, but I think the problem really is on your end of the wire.

Actually, what it sounds most like is some form of malware that you've carelessly allowed to plug itself into your browser, trying to scare you into sending them some money.

been on here for several years got nothing it's all good

I don't know if this is happening now but I did hear rumor of this quite a while ago. I never saw it because I use Firefox with NoScript and Adblock plugins. Run those and you will rarely if ever have problems with rogue scripts running from websites.

You should post this as a bug-report, or PM one of the admin staff.


8 years ago

Instructables doesn't have any problems with viruses. If you have virus problems that you think are from instrucables try using it on another computer. It should be better than.

It doesn't, you do.


. I'm using Avira and ZoneAlarm plus Spybot S&D (all free versions) with Win XP Pro SP3 and I'm not seeing any problems.

Which web browser do you use? Is it up to date? What antivirus do you use - is it up to dat What mal ware do you us is it up to date I run Avast and adawar bothe uptodate and do not see issues with Instructables.

I"m not seeing it either and I'm not pro. I run Comodo internet security and either it's filtering out anything that's a problem or it's just to stupid to see it. But I don't think it's a stupid problem.

Zero problems here, too. I did see the ad-trojans last time around, but that hasn't happened for months.

So... whatever it is, it's apparently not impacting the Pro configuration, probably due to the lack of ads. If Kryptonite's suggestion of trying a new computer doesn't make a difference, it's probably the same issue as last time around. If so, the problem is not with Instructables, it's the ad servers that Instructables connects to.

Either way, if you leave a message in Feedback it will help to bring the issue to the attention of those who are empowered to address it.

Maybe it's just you because I haven't seen anything at all, nor has it been reported from any one but you. Maybe try a different computer for a little bit to see if it happens again?