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Why does my blog keep crashing? Answered

I have a blog called suvivah at suvivahbull.blogspot.com. Sometimes, when I open my blog, it crashes- shows the blogger symbol and freezes my browser. Usually it works, but sometimes, it crashes and I have to restart my browser- and no, this is NOT a spamming attempt.


Does this problem happen when you visit your page or when you're trying to edit it? Blogger has a new interface, are you using it? (http://goo.gl/iDk7y) Have you tried using any other browsers? if so, do you get the same problem? Are your browsers updated? Any problems with other websites or blogs?

You could try and clear the cache and cookies on your browser and get the latest version or update in case there's an issue there. Beyond that you should go to the blogger help forum as they would know if there are any issues with using certain browsers, and/or will have more solutions for you. Here's a link to the Blogger forum.

I have tried using other browsers with little effect. I'll try clearing the cache and cookies. BTW, I am using the new interface

P.S., I noticed it crashes most when I have a lot of apps and window (in the browser) open. Could this be overload of some kind?

It certainly can. Websites have changed a lot. They use to just show static content, so having multiple pages open wouldn't necessarily cause an issue; but nowadays, web pages are running ads and active script and it most certainly will take up system resources and bandwidth. If you suspect thats the issue, then you can look at your browsers advanced settings and adjust the cache space to allocate more memory for browsing. The other thing to do regularly is empty the "temporary internet files". You have to navigate your HD to find the folder with this, and if its beyond your comfort level, leave it alone; but essentially these .tmp files are just like sticky notes for your PC and it creates them from time to time. Problem is they bog down your system when they build up and they also take up memory. If you need help with "how to", then reply with your OS info so that I can help further. Otherwise, the simplest solution is not to have as many browser windows open while on your blog.

I don't use fedora, so I had to look this up... Older versions of fedora would automatically clear the tmp with a reboot, but newer versions do not. To clear the tmp directory, run two commands in the command line terminal. The first will delete tmp files older than 10 days and the second will delete all empty directories. To do this you need to boot into your OS with root permissions. Open a terminal window (applications > system tools) or in the command-line type the following at the command prompt:

find /tmp -mtime +10 |xargs rm -f
find /tmp -type d | xargs rmdir

Note: I have read that there is an issue with fedora where editors and compilers put workspace files in /tmp, so you don't want to run this command while doing anything else. Make sure its the very last thing you do, or the very first.

Here's some reference information that you might want to look into before you start deleting anything.

Forum discussing /tmp 

Information to set a maximum size for /tmpfs

Info: Commands to delete /tmp files

Going to try this again.... (it just posted everything about fedora here instead). o_0?

Anyways, in Windows 7, running Disk Cleanup in Extended Mode is said to produce good results in clearing up files.

To manually clean up files, you have to make sure you are viewing hidden files and folders.

For Windows Temp Files:


You can also "Run" %temp% to get a list of temp files you can delete. Skip over any that are locked as they are simply being used.

To manually delete Temporary Internet Files:

C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\Temp\Temporary Internet Files

C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files

I hope all this helps. ;)