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Why does my instructable keep unpublishing? Answered

I made this instructable of an F2000, but it keeps getting unposted for some reason! im not doing anything, it just does that by itself!! Help please!



Best Answer 8 years ago

You should have gotten PM from Robot explaining that it is not acceptable for publication.  Not enough steps.  Not enough pictures.  Fix the problems and then try again, or leave it alone and do something new.

Thank you!  Better, still not great.  You could move the picture of you holding the trigger to Step 3.  If you can add pictures showing the loading process to Step 3, that would also improve it.

How do you know it keeps umpublishing?

Tell us which inst. it is so we can check it.

Perhaps the fact that it has one step, and 'step 2' has no images.


8 years ago

Perhaps a slideshow would be a better presentation for your creation than a full-blown instructable.

I added another step, and that robot quit bothering me.