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Why does my mouse pointer get stuck in one place while working on my PC? Answered

Why does my mouse pointer get stuck in one place for a few seconds while working on my PC? Is it a memory problem, if so how to rectify it?



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Hello Friends ,

after Reading all posts i think i can only say few steps would solve this issue .

1-restart the computer

2-make sure you update your windows with latest microsoft updates

3. checkout the mouse drive and unplug the mouse if possible and wait for 2 min

4-restart the computer again . if this did not work follow the steps from here https://fixingblog.com/mouse-not-working-in-computer/see if this helps you to fix the issue with your mouse

Hello, high CPU RAM memory could also lead to this problem. You'd probably check. I also got a bad issue that my mouse pointer disappared and I tried several methods to find the mouse course out in my Windows 10. One more thing you need to check is the mouse driver.

Download avast do smart scan then update and resolve


I have the same or a similar problem. My mouse pointer freezes but the entire computer is also frozen, none of the keys work and I have to turn it off and back on. I hope someone on this site can hel[ us both


I think your problem is probablly entirely diferent from the problem that is being asked in this question. Your problem is probablly being caused by one of these things:

1: Your computer is being slowed down by malware. Malware includes viruses, worms, trojans, and scareware. It is basically a piece of software that is installed without your knowledge and causes trouble on your computer. The best way to take care of this is to put an antivirus on your computer. an antivirus can catch the malware before it installs itself on your computer. However, if you already have malware it is a little to late. What you can do now is to download a free program that will scan for and remove any malware that is on your computer. I would recomend these two.

Spybot Search and Destroy

Do a google search on these and you will find them very easily. Here are a couple antivirus programs that you can install on your computer to prevent this from happening again.


2: Second posibillity, your computers internals are overheating. Unless you are pretty good at computer dissasembly I would recommend that you take this to a computer repair shop to have this problem fixed. If you are good at computer dissasembly then reply to this and tell me that you can dissasemble a computer and I will walk you through that.

3: Third possibility, your computer is to old and has to much stuff loaded on it. Sometimes people try to load to much software on to old of a computer. This can be remedied by going to Start>Control Pannel>Add and Remove Programs and tell it to remove any programs that you aren't using. Make sure you know what you are removing so that you don't remove important parts of windows.

I hope this helps feel free to ask any more questions.

I have the same problem since this afternoon, it started from nothing after installing a program. I have uninstalled the program and other ones I didnt use or looked suspicious, the mouse pointer is blinking with a loading sign at the right low quarter of the screen. And after defragmenting the disc (only 1% fragmented) it has stopped, but once in a while comes back to it.

I have run antivirus both AVG and Malwarebytes, and nothing... I am pretty sure it has something to do with the RAM memory getting obstructed or full. I just don´t know what else to do.

I am using Windows 10, updated, and it happens with the trackpad and the bluetooth mouse on full battery, so I have discarded a hardware problem.

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My mouse is an old fashion wire one, which is running fine, Occasionally I open and clean my mouse.
I have always been using Avira anti virus, it has web guard active.
When it get's stuck I press the window key a number of time's and the mouse works normally making a beep sound.
There is no overheating of the processor. My HD is 80GB.- 1GB RAM - Processor-AMD 1470 Mhz.
My PC is very fast and I work on Photo-shop which requires a lot of memory.
I feel that the mouse is getting stuck by malware.
A complete scan does not show a single virus.
May be I should FORMAT the C Drive and reload.
Yes I can disassemble computer.

I would sugest that you just get another mouse and try it before you do anything drastic. A new mouse will probably only cost about ten dollars and may fix your problem if it doesn't then your only out ten dollars and you have a spare mouse. Let me know if a new mouse changes anything.

I have already tried with another mouse same problem...............

Well then I would download malwarebytes and spybot and run them both. If they don't find anything then you may have to reload your computer. Before you reload make sure you have all the disks you need and that you have backed up all your data.

Good Luck

Thanks Pal, malware was the culprit.
Problem solved.

Great that is wonderfull usually it is better trying the easy things like antimalware programs before the herd things like reloading. This is particularly true with some of the newer branded computers where the manufacturer doesn't send you the disks you need for reloading. Glad your working now.

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My computer was freezing and mouse pointer stopping and scroll wheel wasnt working. i tried a new mouse, but no luck. I took your advice and loaded spybot from 2cows website and it was FREE! My computer is working GREAT again. Glad i read your post. Thanks.

That sounds llike a whole different problem and possibly/probably not mouse related. Post it as a question with some more basic info and we might be able to help.

I go on my PC and after 2 mins my mouse frezzes but my keybourd works. pls help. p.s. i am on a laptop

Why does my external mouse get stuck and not move while AC power line connected to charger in my home and neighbor home but it works on battery mode after removing the charger ??. However, the same mouse works without any problem in my office premises located at different place. I checked supply voltage at home and found about 210 V at home 222 volt at office. The charger input voltage range is 100 to 240 VAC and output is 18.6 VDC. This charger was repaired once after getting stop to work.

I hope some one can advice to rectify this problem.

This is to Instructables.com
Why is the "Select as Best Answer" has not come below the answer of nurdee1
as HIS IS THE BEST ANSWER. on Jan 20, 2012. 5:43 PM.


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You are using a USB or PS2 mouse? I can not actually give an exact answer, i might be able to narrow the problem down. I to have had this problem many times and i have discovered it only happens to me with a PS2 mouse. The USB mouse seems to be able to bypass this problem. I don't know if the same for you. The only thing that i have found to get this to work again is to reboot. If this is the case for you , try a USB mouse. If you are already using a USB mouse then my post is about as worthless as trying to FART silently. Good luck with either problem.

Malware was creating all the problem. Thanks.


6 years ago

If it is a wireless one then it might be going into sleep mode to conserve and extend the battery life. It could take a few seconds for it to reconnect.

Or the battery can be going and the signal is weak. Happens all the time on my wireless mouse...

+1. I keep backup batteries ready in the charger all the time.

I use a wireless trackball, just fingertip control. I think it works better for doing any kind of graphics.


Ya, I've tried one of those, but after working online doing graphics for so many years, I can't seem to break away from what I already find comfortable...

If the mouse is a wired mouse it could be the wire. Two of my mice grew weak at the point where the wire is connected to the mouse.
It could also just be time for a new mouse if it is in-particularly old.


6 years ago

Change the battery if its a radio mouse.

Otherwise clean the roller ball.
And check the little rollers for X and Y

Or is it a weak led ?