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Why does my new 300 mbps dual band netgear wifi router always drop connection in the 3 ghz band, but not the 5 ghz band? Answered

Netgear 3800
Every day I have to reset the router..I am about to bring it back to the store.


1) check for updated firmware
2) check the channel you're using for interference from nearby sources -- are there lots of wifi networks in the area? 5ghz is much less populated so might be less susceptible.
3) return to store if adjusting the above does not help.


although I would check for interference before updating firmware... it sounds like interference to me, but that's just me. :) Good tips though!

my first worry is the 'disconnects requiring reboot' - generally the machine should be fault-tolerant to interference, just causing packet loss, not full disconnection.

That would be true now that you mention it. :)