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Why doesn't that thing stop spinning ? Answered

When I load pages (here) with FF the spinney-thing spins until the page loads, right?
I look at pages and say "it's loaded", it is loaded in functional-terms.

Why doesn't that thing stop spinning ?

Is it:
asomething never loads for me
b something is actively monitoring what I'm doing



Did you check your computer for spyware recently you could have some of that nasty stuff? Do you have a slow internet connection that takes forever to load?

It's tough for best answer, but that's something I hadn't thought about looking for.


Maybe updating your flash, winmovie, quiktime, and java would help. If not, you can always restart your PC, or Mac, depending which flavor you prefer... If all that doesn't work, get some antivirus software like Macafee, norton, or AVG free, and run a search in your cache folder... If THAT doesn't work, do a disk defrag and get spybot search and destroy, but make shure to get rid of spybot afterwards because it attracts viruses too... If it still isn't fixed, reinstall your browser, or get a new one. I hear chrome isn't that bad, but i like firefox... And if all that doesn't work, and you are extremely frustrated with this small spinning dohickey, unplug your computer tower, take it outside, and go office space on it. i.e.- vicious kicking, stomping, burning, hitting with baseball bats, etc. If you have a laptop, just slam the screen as hard as possible, and urinate on it. That sometimes helps.

Most I have either done or considered & dismissed.I was thinking about all the junk in the page-source.


If you have firefox you can get the adblock plus pluggin. That clears up things for me.

I don't think it' ad's as I don't get them.


That's impossible. Even instructables has little flash advertisements all over their website. Perhaps you misunderstood me?

OK, not many then.
The status-bar doesn't report anything.


Hmm... i am am truly perplexed by your problem. Your computer could be constantly uploading your personal information to some hacker in china. Waiwaitwaitwait.... Did you clear all your cookies? That might be the problem.

What does causes it on my computer is when I go to a site like this that has lots of data to load AND lots of ads.  Sometime the ads are on a slow server or the link is slow and I'll have time to check the weather and see where it's raining before it loads completely and it quits spinning.

I don't get it here, but I do on sites that cycle through adverts a lot, such as when I check my hotmail account.

Could it be that constantly-changing items (such as the banner slideshows) are registering as never being fully downloaded?

something never loads for you L i had that problem a couple months ago (users avatars were not loading) i just had to restart and update my computer and ff

. I'm using FF and don't have that problem.

Some times instructables plays up!? at the moment that dremel 'logo' is peeping out behind the instructables logo at the top left, it use to be next to the halloween sign...

I dont really know much but I get that on some websites..

lemoine its happened to me before keyloggers have better things to do it's a