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Why has no one modded a laptop to work as an xbox 360? Seems like a simple enough project.? Answered


As others have said, since it's so simple, why haven't you done it already?

If you're comprehension level was as good as your attitude you'd realize I said 'seems like a simple enough project"

If your comprehension level as good as your attitude, you'd realise there is a lot of truth in what KMH says.

Its not possible: the hardware is largely custom, with extra security systems implemented on board.

I doubt you can even find the binary for the OS - which in any case is designed to automatically check its own validity when it boots, by crosschecking the hardware on which it is running.


Sadly, it's not 'simple enough'. Without the right hardware (mother board, chipset...) the OS can't run, and the drivers for wifi, controllers and anything else that you wish to attach will not operate.

It's a hardware issue, not a matter of loading the right OS onto a PC.

That's a good question though, I'd certainly like to see it done!

If it's so simple, go ahead and write the instructable yourself, then bask in the glory as thousands of people view your work.

The hardware of a 360 is only slightly similar to a PC - else everyone would do it. Particularly disk access is protected behind HARDWARE locks, that a PC just doesn't have.


Nope not what i mean i mean literally install the xbox 360 os and drivers on sat a dell laptop and have that laptop be an xbox not fab a laptop from a 360 thx though

Oh sorry. From what I understand the OS on the xbox 360 uses API code which is designed in such a way that it will only communicate with its own hardware. The only solution would be to create a VM on your laptop and try to emulate the hardware, which again, from what I understand is not worth the time, effort or expense to make this possible.

However, if you know how to do this, write the instructable. :)